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Sydney Opera House Booking Fees.

Sydney Opera House is a not for profit organisation which relies heavily upon community support and commercial activity in order to remain in operation.

Whilst some Government funding is received, Sydney Opera House must generate approximately 85% of its annual operating costs independently.

In order to sustain a multi-channel ticketing platform across extensive trading hours, a significant and ongoing investment in technology, infrastructure and personnel is required.

The booking fee applied on a once per-order basis, regardless of how many events and tickets are being purchased within the transaction.  For this reason, many customers choose to make multiple intended purchases in one order in order to save.

Each order and booking fee paid makes a contribution towards sustaining our services and ensuring our financial sustainability enables us to continue our diverse programming and supports our works within the community.

For more information on this, please see click here.

Please also see our Insider Membership offering. Insiders are entitled to waived booking fees as well as a host of other wonderful benefits. Click here to learn more about the program! 

Current Booking Fees

Booking fee applies per transaction:
$8.50 - Contact Centre (phone & email)
$8.50 - Internet
$5.00 - Box Office Counter 


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