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Creative Play

Venue: Various Venues
Presented by: Sydney Opera House

Imagination and learning come together in our Creative Play programs, every school holidays in the Western Foyer.


At Sydney Opera House we want you and your children to have a rich artistic experience. Our free Creative Play program compliments our world class shows providing an active and creative outlet for your children, where they become the artists. Creative Play is a series of interactive installations staffed by professional artists designed to activate and inspire your children. Come and play and get creative!

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while participating in Creative Play.


DATE      OPEN          CLOSE          
03 Jan 15 9.30am 4pm
04 Jan 15 9.30am 4pm
05 Jan 15 9.30am 4pm
06 Jan 15  9.30am 4pm
07 Jan 15  9.30am 6.30pm
08 Jan 15 9.30am 6.30pm
09 Jan 15  9.30am 6.30pm
10 Jan 15      9.30am 7pm
11 Jan 15 9.30am 4.30pm
12 Jan 15 9.30am 6.30pm
13 Jan 15  9.30am 6.30pm 
14 Jan 15 9.30am 6.30pm
15 Jan 15 9.30am 6.30pm
16 Jan 15 9.30am 6.30pm
17 Jan 15 9.30am 7pm
18 Jan 15 9.30am 4pm
19 Jan 15 9.30am 5pm
20 Jan 15 9.30am 4.30pm
21 Jan 15 9.30am 4.30pm
22 Jan 15 9.30am 4.30pm
23 Jan 15 9.30am 4pm
24 Jan 15 9.30am 6.30pm
25 Jan 15 9.30am 4.30pm
26 Jan 15 9.30am 4pm


Arrive early or stay after the show to enjoy our summer Creative Play. Kids can contribute to a collaborative musical composition using LEGO. The shapes you build will be translated into music using a scanner and software. The music will be performed every 15 minutes with the help of three musical performers. Everyone can play!

Creative Play is free and can get busy. We advise that patrons allow adequate time to enjoy this artwork and all that the Sydney Opera House precinct has to offer.


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