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Creative Play

Venue: Various Venues
Presented by: Sydney Opera House

Imagination and learning come together in our Creative Play programs, every school holidays in the Western Foyer.


At Sydney Opera House we want you and your children to have a rich artistic experience. Our free Creative Play program compliments our world class shows providing an active and creative outlet for your children, where they become the artists. Creative Play is a series of interactive installations staffed by professional artists designed to activate and inspire your children. Come and play and get creative!  

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while participating in Creative Play.

20 SEPTEMBER – 5 OCTOBER, 10am – 4pm Daily

Build live sculptures in the Western Foyers these holidays with Creative Play!

Children will build a moving work of art, attaching LEGO pieces to two artists covered in suits made from LEGO base plates. At regular intervals throughout the day, music will queue a dance routine from the living sculptures who will dance the pieces off each other before returning to their original position to begin a new sculpture.

This colourful and interactive installation will allow children to collaborate with our professional artists to bring their very own sculptures to life!

Creative Play is free and can get busy. We advise that patrons allow adequate time to enjoy this artwork and all that the Sydney Opera House precinct has to offer.

Creative Team
Director and Co Designer      Frank Newman, Creative Learning Specialist Sydney Opera House
Artist Collaborators     Curtis Fernandez
    Sabrina D'Angelo


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