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MADE is proudly supported by the following sponsors:

Arup passionately believes in holistic design, in which all disciplines come together in an integrated way to achieve the best design for a project. Arup is involved in MADE to encourage and promote cross-disciplinary interaction between engineering, architecture and design students, to show the best that multidisciplinary thinking can bring. Arup is also contributing to MADE as a celebration of its ongoing historical relationship with the Opera House’s design, construction, operations and maintenance.

Steensen Varming
Steensen Varming has always held a fundamental belief that a strong vision, supported through an integrated design process, is the key to intelligent, valuable and elegant solutions. Since being founded in 1933, Steensen Varming focus on this in its delivery of great environments. An example of this is the Opera House, where innovative solutions flourished in response to a complex architectural form, demanding performance requirements and challenging contractual issues. In a world that suffers from diverging relationships between designers and the construction industry, Steensen Varming's support of MADE aims to encourage collaborative processes and behaviours, not only in the students themselves, but also in academia and professional practices.

NSW Architects Registration Board
The NSW Architects Registration Board protects consumers of architectural services, accredits architectural qualifications and provides information to the public. The Board also promotes an understanding of architecture in the community by funding research and partnering with organisations on relevant projects and events. The NSW Architects Registration Board supports MADE because of its key interest in the future of the architectural profession, and to encourage collaboration across design and construction professionals to produce the best outcomes for the community.

The Bikuben Foundation
The Bikuben Foundation supports and develops high-quality projects within Danish culture and social work for the public benefit. The Bikuben Foundation believes that a multidisciplinary approach contributes to both developing and enhancing professional character. Jørn Utzon’s Australian masterpiece and high-profile Danish building projects provide the ideal starting point for this ambitious project. The Bikuben Foundation expects that the individual student will raise themselves professionally and will contribute to raising the standards of the building industry.

The Dreyer Foundation
The Dreyer Foundation supports the development of multidisciplinary projects in the building industry. There is an increasing need for positive and integrated cooperation between architects and engineers in light of today’s complex building conditions. The Dreyer Foundation aims to encourage international cooperation, the creation of long-term networks and increased mobility. The Dreyer Foundation will support and contribute to enhancing the knowledge of Utzon’s architectural principles. The Dreyer Foundation expects that participating students will gain a positive, multidisciplinary experience, which will benefit their future careers at the national and international levels.

The Obel Family Foundation
The Obel Family Foundation consists of three main areas of focus: research and education; social objectives and health; and arts and culture. The Obel Family Foundation's vision is to provide a significant contribution for the future, by supporting and cooperating with development-oriented, sustainable organisations and initiatives.
The Obel Family Foundation aims to ensure that high quality arts and culture reaches a wide range of audiences across the globe. The Obel Family Foundation aims to support the superior quality of arts at all levels of society, in particular within education and the future generation. The Obel Family Foundation is proud to sponsor the high ambitions of MADE and its strong focus on multidisciplinary collaboration. MADE will sustain and increase the awareness of Jørn Utzon’s international work and The Utzon Center in Aalborg.

MADE is proudly supported by the following contributors:

Sydney Opera House Trust
Sydney Opera House Trust operates and maintains the Opera House for the State Government and the people of NSW. Its mission is to promote artistic taste and achievement while encouraging innovation. Sydney Opera House is Australia’s most significant building, performing arts centre, cultural precinct and meeting place, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a masterpiece of creative genius. The Opera House has developed MADE to provide a collaborative platform for the newest generation of leaders in the fields of architecture, engineering and design from Australia and beyond. MADE gives these creative and passionate individuals an opportunity to intimately understand what lies beneath the Opera House’s sails, while encouraging their unique commentary on the Opera House experience in the context of their disciplines.

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK) believes that a strong international profile is necessary for Danish design and architecture students to thrive in a global society. MADE can break down boundaries, establish international networks and provide students with solid international experience. KADK also believes that interdisciplinary collaboration can enhance the outcomes of the design process, since different skills and experiences help practitioners to challenge, qualify and inspire each other. KADK expects that the participating students will acquire skills that can support their professional development, and contribute to an enhanced international outlook and openness to other professionals in their future work. As a Danish contributor of MADE, KADK aims to establish productive networks, which may eventually develop into greater collaborations in the future.

Henning Larsen Architects - Host Firm for Danish Program 2014
Danish architect Henning Larsen founded his own studio in 1959 as a result of his great commitment to architecture. In 2008, Henning Larsen Architects established a number of cross-disciplinary collaborations. Research and innovation in dialogue with other professions have become part of Henning Larsen Architects' everyday work.

Denmark is proud of its tradition in creating environmentally conscious buildings. The Sustainability department at Henning Larsen Architects consists of 10-15 people within the fields of architecture and engineering. The inaugural Australian MADE scholarship recipients collaborated with the Sustainability team to complete a project as part of the MADE program in Denmark in January 2014..

Hassell – Host Firm for Australian Program 2014
Hassell is a leading international design practice with studios in Australia, China, South East Asia and the United Kingdom. The practice judges the success of the building by the way people use and enjoy them - the clients who commission them, the people who inhabit them.

Hassell works collaboratively in integrated design teams as they believe it produce the best outcomes for their clients. The increasingly complex projects brought by the client, demands a culture built on collaboration, creativity, and innovation in design thinking and delivery. These design values are shared globally across all the studios, by the talented people who work in them: architects, interior designers, landscape architects, urban designers, planners and specialist consultants. Hassell hosted and mentored the inaugural Danish MADE scholarship recipients for the Australian MADE Program in July 2014.

COBE – Host Firm for Danish Program 2015
COBE is a progressive and contemporary community of architects that focus on architecture and design – from buildings to public space, to large scale urban planning.

COBE’s approach to architecture is inclusive; with social, practical, economic and environmental issues integrated within the process. COBE considers architecture to be a process of dialogue and involves selected experts and consultants, across countries and professional fields, in every stage of the design process. The 2015 Australian MADE scholarship recipients will collaborate with COBE to complete a multidisciplinary project as part of the MADE program in Denmark.

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