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MasterCard Monthly Prize Draw

MasterCard n MasterPass Monthly Prize Draw

Use your MasterCard or MasterPass and enter into a monthly prize draw! 

You could be the lucky winner of a $500 Sydney Opera House voucher redeemable for any performance ticket, event, tour and experience – just pay on your MasterCard or MasterPass wallet and you will be entered into the monthly draw.

Promotion closes at 1pm on Tuesday 30 June 2015. Terms and Conditions apply.
More information on Sydney Opera House Gift Vouchers.

Monthly Winners 2015

January          Jessica Dwyer        
February  Annie Drew
March  Rajpal Narulla
April  Anna Healey
May  Bree Hoskin


Monthly Winners 2014

January  Sarah McMahon
February  Ximena Portocarrero
March  Michelle Rubin
April  Daniel Mylonas
May  Toni Turner
June  Stephan Suter
July  David Cloutt
August  Jacqui Smith
September  Simon Rush
October       Enid Zhang
November      Nicole Fraser
December Dora Sarkis


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