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The Listies in 6D*



*that’s twice as good as 3D!

"This manic Australian double act know all the right buttons to push to make children shriek with laughter" – The Guardian

Kids comedy duo, The Listies return to Sydney for School holidays at Sydney Opera House with a brand new show about the movies – The Listies in 6D.

In 2012 Matt Kelly and Richard Higgins, the award winning Listies, charmed Opera House audiences with their brilliant show More Fun Than A Wii. Now they’re back with a new show lampooning the world of the silver screen. In the last year they have performed in every capital city in Australia and earned a few more stamps in their passports with sold out seasons in Edinburgh, Ireland, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Imagine the best movie you've ever seen. Now, times it by a million then add 1. That's how good The Listies 6D is going to be.

The Listies in 6D is six dimensions of fun:
1. Raucous
2. Cheeky
3. Interactive
4. Irreverent
5. Funny
6. The end of nice sanitised kids entertainment as we know it.


 Bridgette van Lueven, Head of Education and Young People at Sydney Opera House said, “The Listies are my all time favourite Australian comedy duo who have a dedicated fan club.  In their new show, The Listies explore the exciting world of cinema. Be prepared to see what happens on the movie set, behind-the-scenes and some award winning Hollywood stars.”

The Listies, a comedy duo quickly making a name for themselves as Australia’s favourite children’s entertainers. They cut their performance teeth at the legendary RMIT Union Arts Xmas shows such as The Day My Bum Went Psycho, Just Disgusting (both by Andy Griffiths), and The Twits (by Roald Dahl).

Individually Matt and Rich have performed for kids all over Australia; Perth (Circus Soup), Adelaide (Kids Comedy Gala at Speigeltent), Canberra (Questacon) and all over Regional Victoria and NSW, QLD and ACT (Jigsaw Theatre Company and The Great Big Storybook). When he is not a List Operator Richard is a Clown Doctor at the Royal Children's Hospital.

The Listies in 6D is part of Sydney Opera House Kids at the House program, a year round series of performances and creative experiences for young people. Keep up to date with Kids at the House by joining us on our Facebook page: Kids at the House – Sydney Opera House

Recommended for ages 5+

SEASON DETAILS: The Listies in 6D*
Dates: 16 – 28 April, 11am & 2pm
Venue: Studio, Sydney Opera House
Phone: 02 9250 7777


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