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The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

“The Greatest Orchestra in the World”  Gramophone Magazine 

Jan Raes, Managing Director of RCO

When we speak, Jan Raes is packing for a month on the road.  The Belgian-born flautist and executive director is taking the orchestra he has managed for half a decade on the road for one of its longest-ever tours. MORE 

Jan Raes

Concertgebouw at home

The RCO will bring the culture of its hometown and the passion of its local audiences when it makes a debut at Sydney Opera House this year. MORE 

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra at home

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

125 Anniversary tour

29 November – 1 December


“The Greatest Orchestra in the World”  Gramophone Magazine 

Rco landing

Celebrating 125 years

When the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra arrives in Australia this November, it will be nearing the final stretch of a party to end all parties. MORE

Shirley Apthorp

The Repertoire of RCO: Strauss

I know a musical city in which I am totally understood, by the Kapellmeister, by the orchestra, by the audience. Once I have earned enough for myself and my family, I shall settle there in order to devote myself entirely to the performances of my works by the Concertgebouw orchestra. MORE

David Larkin


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Sydney Opera House




Various Venues

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