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Sydney Opera House Corporate Sponsor - Australian Ethical Super

 Australian Ethical

Have you considered the impact your financial decisions are having on the planet and its inhabitants? Unless you are invested ethically it’s likely your money is being used to support companies that may conflict with your ethical values.

Australian Ethical is an investment manager and superannuation fund with a difference. We believe your investments should make you money AND make the world a better place.

Almost 20,000 clients with $700 million agree.

How do we offer clients competitive ethical performance? Simply put, we use our expertise to invest in the best performing ethical companies. We don’t compromise returns for ethics, or ethics for returns. We achieve both.

With us, your investments can bring a positive future for yourself and a positive future for your children, your grandchildren and the wider world.

Australian Ethical. Choose a better future.

To find out more about Australian Ethical, visit the 
Australian Ethical website.


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