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Major Partner - Origin

Major Partner_Origin Energy

Origin is proud to be a Major Partner of Sydney Opera House and is working with Sydney Opera House to further reduce the impact on the environment and increase our GreenPower to 10% until August 2012. Origin is sharing their energy efficiency expertise too, to help deliver our long term strategic goal “to provide a contemporary and sustainable Bennelong Point”, as outlined in Sydney Opera House Environmental Sustainability Plan.

One of the most exciting developments as a part of the partnership with Origin is the Sydney Opera House Carbon Counter powered by Origin - The first of its type in Australia the Carbon Counter powered by Origin provides an accurate and objective measurement tool to track and subsequently manage the environmental impact across the event management and delivery system for performances presented under the banner of Sydney Opera House Presents.

Thanks to Origin, Sydney Opera House has already been able to evaluate the emissions from Vivid Live (27 May – 5 June 2011) and Festival of Dangerous Ideas (1-2 October 2011) providing some fascinating insights into the carbon impacts of these events whilst supporting our Environmental Sustainability goals. 

To find out more about Origin green energy options click here


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