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Sydney Opera House Current Media Partner - APN Outdoor

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APN Outdoor is the largest Outdoor advertising company in Australia. Our unrivalled diversity of formats, extensive national coverage and industry leading expertise deliver results-driven solutions for advertisers. Our portfolio of 3,000 Roadside billboard sites span major arterials, motorways and local communities, and provide the ultimate consumer impact. While our portfolio of 32,000 Transit advertising panels engage consumers with brands and advertising messages in metropolitan markets. APN Outdoor is the leading supplier of bus format advertising in the five major cities nationally, as well as trams in Melbourne and Adelaide; rail cross track advertising in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth; and Airport advertising in Sydney, Canberra and Perth.

APN Outdoor has been a long standing partner of Sydney Opera House, supporting its performing arts programs and productions.

To find out more about APN Outdoor visit the APN Outdoor website.

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