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Sydney Opera House Corporate Sponsor - d & b audiotechnick

d&b auditechnik
World renowned d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker systems has been chosen by Sydney Opera House to accurately reproduce the varied live performances within. Through an exhaustive process of performance and design considerations, d&b audiotechnik systems have been proven as the world leader in their field.

d&b audiotechnik's approach is to build complete and integrated sound reinforcement systems. This system concept, as the embryonic company called it, rests on four maxims that are still valid today. Firstly, from inception all elements are formulated to give maximum overall performance. Secondly, absolute simplicity of use. Thirdly, the acoustic of the space is separated from the system performance, because d&b believes that the transmission characteristics of the latter have to be completely linear. Fourthly, d&b believes in the importance of the reproducibility of the system performance worldwide. The systems achieve the same optimal acoustic result anywhere at anytime.

d&b audiotechnik are very proud of the association with Sydney Opera House.

To find out more about d&b audiotechnik, visit the d&b audiotechnik website.

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