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Inspiring Children Wherever They Are
A visit to Sydney Opera House not only sparks a child’s imagination, it can kick-start a lifelong love for the arts. Yet many Australian children won’t have the chance to experience the House, because they live too far away or are financially disadvantaged. 

We are committed to bringing the House to every child.  

Interactive Technology: The New Way To Learn
The Sydney Opera House Digital Education Program is a unique Australian digital performing arts initiative. No matter where they are, children can now experience the House with programs delivered live to the classroom via video conferencing facilities. Specially designed sessions and teaching resources are tailored to fit the curriculum and give children the opportunity to watch live performances, see backstage, take part in workshops and learn about the House and the world of performing arts. 

Our Reach So Far  
This exciting initiative has already given over 2,800 children in 48 schools across NSW the chance to discover Sydney Opera House.      

Our aim is to reach a further 4,000 children this year. 
Can you help?     



Your support can enable school children to take part in the following activities, providing them with a unique Sydney Opera House learning experience.  

Digital Drama Workshop  
Discover the Stage is a practical, interactive drama workshop presented by theatre professionals, live from our stages. Students actively participate in performance activities including physical warm-ups and drama tasks.
Digital Tour  
Discover the House is a roaming, interactive tour of the House, giving students behind-the-scenes access. Our very own tour guides bring to life the history and architecture of the House, helping students understand the role it plays in Australia’s cultural identity.
Digital Masterclasses  
These are tailored to provide students with unique opportunities for open dialogue and workshops with artists and performing arts experts from companies such as Australian Theatre for Young People, Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Bell Shakespeare Company.
With your support, even more children can be inspired by the spirit of the House.  


"Sydney Opera House has a commitment to taking education and content online and offsite and we really want to commit to offering that access to students right across the state, and right across the country, so that you no longer have to be at Bennelong Point to have a Sydney Opera House experience... We are really committed to offering equal opportunities right across the country in terms of education." 
Tara Smith
Education Specialist, Sydney Opera House

“My favourite parts were getting to see all the sets and all the places that I haven’t seen!" 
Brodie Hurrell 
Year 5 student, Middle Harbour Public School 

“The sessions for Discover the House last week were incredible... All the students and teachers involved found them to be fantastic, unique in their presentation, informative and overall a great learning experience. The students loved the interactivity of the program.”  
Vicki Miedler 
Deputy Principal, Fairfield Public School

‘’The kids [felt like they] were on site. They looked at a panoramic view and they learned about the history from white settlement to today. It was fabulous to overcome the geographical distance without being in a bus for 12 hours.’’ 
Jenny Schiller 
Teaching Principal, Croppa Creek Public School 

“Technology is playing an increasingly prominent role in education. Its expansion into the arts sector through programs utilising videoconference and other related technology is exciting and innovative. The Sydney Opera House Digital Education Program is a fantastic example of how such technology can be used to its full potential, demonstrating a highly interactive approach to connecting students with effective arts experiences.” 
Rachel Perry PhD 
Australian Centre for Child and Youth: Culture and Wellbeing (ACCY) 
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology and Science 




Your support will enable us to give school children a real Sydney Opera House experience, wherever they are, through our Digital Education Program.  

Help us reach a further 4,000 children this year by contributing:  
  • $25 for one child to experience a digital tour or drama workshop
  • $65 for one child to experience a digital masterclass
  • $750 for one class to experience a digital tour or drama workshop*
  • $1,950 for one class to experience a digital masterclass*
Or you can donate another amount of your choice, to be used where it is needed most.  

Every gift makes a difference.
With your help, we’re doing more.  


*Based on a class size of 30 students.  
Sydney Opera House Trust is a Deductible Gift Recipient for the purposes of Australian tax law. 
All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.


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