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Kenji 2

By Kenji Nishinakagawa

The centre piece of Opera Kitchen is Kenji - a sushi and sashimi restaurant by Kenji Nishinakagawa, Australia’s foremost sushi artist (previously of Unkai and Koi Restaurants). Kenji offers a variety of sushi and sashimi ranging from traditional to modern taste.

“I started my career in Australia at the Unkai Sushi Bar located on the 36th floor of the former ANA Hotel which gave me the most fabulous views of Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. For me, there is no better way to cement my career than working at Sydney Opera House. I am honoured to be part of Opera Kitchen, not just because of the location, but to be able to work alongside some of Sydney’s most renowned chef’s and food producers.”
Sushi Artist KenjiNishinakagawa

Menu Highlights

Salmon Toro Sashimi
Delicious belly cut of the salmon presented in an assortment of sashimi.

Kenji Special Roll
Tempura prawn and cucumber with flyingfish roe wrapped with thinly sliced seared salmon topped with Kenji Special Sauce.

Kenji Food Menu

Kenji Nishinakagawa - Biography
Known as a premier sushi artist in Japan, Kenji’s Australian career started at Unkai Sushi Bar located on the 36th floor of ANA Hotel (now known as the Shangri-la Hotel). After leaving Unkai in 2003, Kenji worked at numerous Sydney restaurants to gain more knowledge and experience. Previously sushi chef at hatted restaurant Koi, Kenji’s skills and experience provides a variety of sushi and sashimi ranging from the traditional to modern taste. Kenji arranges the Sushi and Sashimi to the individual’s request which guarantees experience, satisfaction and a unique dining experience). 


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