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26 September 2014 – 30 September 2014

Venue: Studio
Presented by: Sydney Opera House

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Where do lost toys go? Join this groovy, happy family to find out!


Suitable for children 3+

The Gingham family are very concerned about all the lost toys in the world. They find them, take them home and tuck them into a nice comfy bed.

Joan Gingham, Betsy and DJ G sing dance and groove their way around the world finding lost toys. They'll discover ten fabulously unique characters who have their own humorous tale to be told - with a twist!

This cheeky school holiday production is a joyous mix of physical comedy and multi-media with lots of singing and music. As each lost toy's journey is revealed, you'll be very glad that they have found their way to this delightfully imaginative, upbeat home. 


Artist Information

Devised and Performed by: Christine Johnston, Lisa O'Neil & Peter Nelson
Produced by: Cre8ion

Pricing Information

Prices correct at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Exact prices will be displayed with seat selection.

Standard $30
Insiders $24
Booking fee applies per transaction

$8.50 - Contact Centre
$8.50 - Internet
$5.00 - Box Office Counter

Pricing Information Explained

Pricing Information Explained

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Performance Dates

Friday 26 September 11am / 1:30pm
Saturday 27 September 11am / 1:30pm
Sunday 28 September 11am / 1:30pm
Monday 29 September 11am / 1:30pm
Tuesday 30 September 11am / 1:30pm

Running Time: 60 minutes, no interval


“Fluff seems like a play David Lynch might write if he decided to do children’s theatre… this 55-minute production stars its writer and designer, Christine Johnston, a towering woman with towering hair, and Lisa O’Neill, its choreographer. Ms. Johnston can manipulate her voice in ways that seem not quite human, and Ms. O’Neill can do the same with her body. Together with Peter Nelson, their onstage musician, sound engineer and sidekick, they’re astonishing physical comedians.” – The New York Times

“Simply enchanting.... The pacing is deft and Johnston’s vocal feats a marvel. By the end the children’s participation is guaranteed, and they stream from the theatre with radiant faces.” – The Sydney Morning Herald

“One of the most imaginative shows for the young you will find. Highly sophisticated and great fun... the children - and the adults - loved it!” - The Advertiser

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