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Event Presenter Date Venue
Can Mens Role Change All About Women – CAN MEN'S ROLES CHANGE? – PANEL Sydney Opera House 8 March Playhouse
Breaking The Wife Drought All About Women – BREAKING THE WIFE DROUGHT – Annabel Crabb Sydney Opera House 8 March Drama Theatre
Are We All Frightbats All About Women – ARE WE ALL “FRIGHTBATS”? – Panel Sydney Opera House 8 March Studio
All The Single Ladies All About Women – ALL THE SINGLE LADIES – KATE BOLICK Sydney Opera House 8 March Drama Theatre
Mother Courage All About Women – MOTHER COURAGE – Rosie Batty Sydney Opera House 8 March Playhouse
AAW NATHI Crying Country All About Women - CRYING COUNTRY Sydney Opera House 7 March -
8 March
Royal Botanic Gardens
Postcards from Prague Postcards from Prague The Song Company 7 March Utzon Room
James Morrison 1 An evening with Ella, Louis and the Duke:
James Morrison's A-Z of Jazz
Sydney Symphony 5 March -
7 March
Concert Hall
Singing at The House SINGING AT THE HOUSE Sydney Philharmonia Choirs and the Sydney Opera House 1 March Various Venues
Ensemble Offspring - Broken Consorts 570 x 320 Ensemble Offspring - Broken Consorts Ensemble Offspring 28 February Utzon Room
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