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Event Presenter Date Venue
Education Digital - Guwanyi Walama Image Guwanyi Walama: To Tell and Return Sydney Opera House 26 March -
31 October
Your Classroom
JFL 2014 - Hannah Gadsby Image HANNAH GADSBY - THE EXHIBITIONIST Just For Laughs Sydney 18 October -
19 October
BSC Henry V HENRY V Bell Shakespeare 21 October -
16 November
TAB 2014 - Introduction to the Ballet New Image 1 Introduction to the ballet The Australian Ballet 17 April -
18 November
Joan Sutherland Theatre
JFL 2014 - Jim Gaffigan Image JIM GAFFIGAN – THE WHITE BREAD TOUR Just For Laughs Sydney 15 October -
17 October
The Colour Wheel Jim Moginie’s Electric Guitar Orchestra perform ‘The Colour Wheel’ Jim Moginie 25 October Studio
TAB 2014 - McAllister in Conversation Image McAllister in conversation The Australian Ballet 5 April -
29 November
Joan Sutherland Theatre
Own our house 570x320 Own Our House Sydney Opera House 19 December -
31 December
to be confirmed
Pat Metheny Pat Metheny Unity Group - Music at the House Sydney Opera House 24 October Concert Hall
Peter Carey Peter Carey In Conversation with Jennifer Byrne Sydney Opera House 20 October Studio
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