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Event Presenter Date Venue
Creative Learning - From Page to Stage From Page to Stage (Learning) Sydney Opera House 26 March -
13 November
Your Classroom
MMDG New Hero Mark Morris Dance Group Sydney Opera House 3 June -
6 June
Joan Sutherland Theatre
TAB 2015 - McAllister in Conversation New McAllister in Conversation The Australian Ballet 4 April -
28 November
Joan Sutherland Theatre
Melbourne Ska Orchestra Melbourne Ska Orchestra Sydney Opera House 30 May Joan Sutherland Theatre
My Country My Life My Country, My Life Sydney Symphony 3 June -
6 June
Concert Hall
Onra RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY FREE OPENING NIGHT PARTY FEAT. Onra / Dreems (Live Debut) / The Goods (Live) / Sui et Sui (Sui Zhen Live Band) / Phsyique Sydney Opera House 22 May Studio
Astral People feat Robert Owens Red Bull Music Academy presents Astral People feat. Robert Owens / Amir Alexander / Ben Fester / Preacha Sydney Opera House 30 May Studio
Elefant Traks Red Bull Music Academy presents Elefant Traks Feat. Joyride / Jayteehazard / DJ MK-1 / Adit / Dggz & More Sydney Opera House 31 May Studio
Goodgod Minceteria Red Bull Music Academy presents Goodgod Minceteria! Feat. Zanzibar Chanel / Victoria Kim / Bhenji Ra / Club Ate Sydney Opera House 29 May Studio
Mad Racket featuring Matthew Herbert Red Bull Music Academy Presents Mad Racket feat. Matthew Herbert (LIVE) Sydney Opera House 23 May Studio
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