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Event Presenter Date Venue
TAB 2015 - Dancers' Class On Stage New Dancers' Class On Stage The Australian Ballet 7 April -
16 November
Joan Sutherland Theatre
TAB 2015 - McAllister in Conversation New McAllister in Conversation The Australian Ballet 4 April -
28 November
Joan Sutherland Theatre
OA Don Carlos Don Carlos Opera Australia 14 July -
15 August
Joan Sutherland Theatre
OA Turandot Turandot Opera Australia 24 June -
28 August
Joan Sutherland Theatre
OA Figaro The Marriage of Figaro Opera Australia 6 August -
29 August
Joan Sutherland Theatre
Behind the scenes OA 570 x 320 Behind the Scenes at the Opera Opera Australia 9 August Joan Sutherland Theatre
Creative Learning - Romeo and Juliet ROMEO AND JULIET (Learning) Sydney Opera House 20 July -
14 August
Haydn's_Esterhazy_Orchestra_Image MICHAEL HAYDN REQUIEM Australian Haydn Ensemble 8 August St James Church
Dubowgale Beats Image Dubowgale Beats Sydney Opera House 8 August Studio
The Soldier's Wife Image The Soldier's Wife Project Sydney Opera House 7 August Studio
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