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Event Presenter Date Venue
The Preatures The Preatures Sydney Opera House 27 May Joan Sutherland Theatre
Royal Headache Repressed Records presents Royal Headache & more Sydney Opera House 23 May Joan Sutherland Theatre
The Drones - Vivid LIVE The Drones Sydney Opera House 24 May Joan Sutherland Theatre
Mad Racket featuring Matthew Herbert Red Bull Music Academy Presents Mad Racket feat. Matthew Herbert (LIVE) Sydney Opera House 23 May Studio
Onra RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY FREE OPENING NIGHT PARTY FEAT. Onra / Dreems (Live Debut) / The Goods (Live) / Sui et Sui (Sui Zhen Live Band) / Phsyique Sydney Opera House 22 May Studio
The Waiting Room Main Image Can You See Me? Theatre presents 'the waiting room' Cerebral Palsy Alliance 19 May Studio
Tinalley A New Frontier - 570 x 320 Tinalley String Quartet - 'A New Frontier' Tinalley String Quartet 25 May Utzon Room
Flinders Quartet - And Action! Flinders Quartet
And ... Action!
Flinders Quartet 28 May Utzon Room
Creative Learning - Teaching Aboriginal Perspectives Teaching Aboriginal Perspectives 2015 (Learning) Sydney Opera House 5 May -
20 November
Utzon Room
German Tour Image The Sydney Opera House Tour - German Sydney Opera House 1 April -
31 March
Various Venues
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