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Event Presenter Date Venue
Education - An Introduction to Hans Christian Andersen Image An Introduction to Hans Christian Andersen Sydney Opera House 21 October -
22 October
Your Classroom
Engaging students Dance, Theatre and Visual Art: Engaging Students with Disability Sydney Opera House 5 September -
6 September
Various Venues
Live The Girl Who Forgot Live Stream: The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly Sydney Opera House 14 August Your Classroom
Itec 2014 ITEC: Interactive Technology in Education Conference Sydney Opera House 9 July -
10 July
Utzon Room
Primary Shakespeare Digital Workshop: Shakespeare in the Primary Classroom Sydney Opera House 4 June Your Classroom
ACE 2014 ACE: Arts Conference for Educators Sydney Opera House 30 May -
31 May
Various Venues
Education - Discover the Stage Image Discover the Stage: A practical, interactive drama workshop Sydney Opera House 9 April -
14 November
Your Classroom
Education - Staging Stories Image Staging Stories Sydney Opera House 7 April -
12 April
Your Classroom
Teaching Aboriginal Perspectives Teaching Aboriginal Perspectives Sydney Opera House 5 April -
21 November
Utzon Room
Education Digital - Guwanyi Walama Image Guwanyi Walama: To Tell and Return Sydney Opera House 26 March -
31 October
Your Classroom
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