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Event Presenter Date Venue
UMS 14 - Xuefei Yang Image Xuefei Yang (Classical Guitar) Sydney Opera House 28 September Utzon Room
AHE Beethoven's Piano BEETHOVEN'S PIANO CONCERTO Australian Haydn Ensemble 29 September Utzon Room
Cirkopolis New 6 Cirque Éloize – Cirkopolis Sydney Opera House 2 October -
6 October
Concert Hall
Hugh Mackay Hugh Mackay: The Art of Belonging Sydney Opera House 2 October Studio
Moving Pictures 1 Moving Pictures Empire Touring 3 October -
4 October
Wendy Matthews Wendy Matthews Empire Touring 4 October Studio
Michael Mori New Image Michael Mori: Bush, Howard and Injustice at Guantanamo Sydney Opera House 8 October Playhouse
SPC Belshazzar Belshazzar's Feast Sydney Philharmonia Choirs 8 October -
9 October
Concert Hall
Groups Title Image Group Bookings 1 January -
31 December
Various Venues
Theatre Bars Event page image Theatre Bars - Prepaid Drink Vouchers Sydney Opera House 1 January -
31 December
Various Venues
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