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Event Presenter Date Venue
Postcards from Prague Postcards from Prague The Song Company 7 March Utzon Room
Suddenly Last Summer SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER Sydney Theatre Company 9 February -
21 March
Drama Theatre
James Morrison 1 An evening with Ella, Louis and the Duke:
James Morrison's A-Z of Jazz
Sydney Symphony 5 March -
7 March
Concert Hall
Singing at The House SINGING AT THE HOUSE Sydney Philharmonia Choirs and the Sydney Opera House 1 March Various Venues
Neneh_Cherry Neneh Cherry with RocketNumberNine+ - Music at the House Sydney Opera House by arrangement with Feel Presents 11 March Concert Hall
Stories of Childhood All About Women – STORIES OF CHILDHOOD – Esther Freud Sydney Opera House 8 March Playhouse
What I Couldnt Say All About Women – WHAT I COULDN’T SAY – PANEL Sydney Opera House 8 March Studio
All About Women - Judith Lucy is all woman All About Women – JUDITH LUCY IS ALL WOMAN – Judith Lucy Sydney Opera House 8 March Drama Theatre
Women in Shakespeare All About Women – WOMEN IN SHAKESPEARE – John Bell in conversation with Germaine Greer Sydney Opera House 8 March Playhouse
How To Save The Planet All About Women – HOW TO SAVE THE PLANET – SYLVIA EARLE & SIMRAN SETHI IN CONVERSATION Sydney Opera House 8 March Studio
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