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Event Presenter Date Venue
Creative Learning - Guwanyi Walama Aboriginal Perspectives of Bennelong Point: Guwanyi Walama Sydney Opera House 18 March -
27 November
Your Classroom
Adventures in the Skin Trade Image 1 Adventures in the Skin Trade Sydney Opera House 31 July -
2 August
Creative Learning - Adventures in the Skin Trade ADVENTURES IN THE SKIN TRADE (Learning) Sydney Opera House 29 July -
31 July
APQ Image Australia Piano Quartet Sydney Opera House 8 August Utzon Room
Tubby 1 BABIES PROMS: TUBBY THE TUBA Sydney Opera House 5 August -
16 August
TAB 2015 - Dancers' Class On Stage New Dancers' Class On Stage The Australian Ballet 7 April -
16 November
Joan Sutherland Theatre
 Death Cab for Cutie Sydney Opera House 1 August Concert Hall
OA Don Carlos Don Carlos Opera Australia 14 July -
15 August
Joan Sutherland Theatre
Dubowgale Beats Image Dubowgale Beats Sydney Opera House 8 August Studio
Fest of Instrumental Music Main Image Festival of Instrumental Music
The Banksia Concert - Tuesday 4 August 2015
NSW Dept of Education & Communities (The Arts Unit) 4 August Concert Hall
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