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Event Presenter Date Venue
Own our house 570x320 Own Our House Sydney Opera House 19 December -
31 December
to be confirmed
Little Drummer Boy PRIMARY PROMS: LITTLE DRUMMER BOY Sydney Opera House 26 November -
2 December
Redfern Talks Back Image Redfern Talks Back (Creative Learning) Sydney Opera House 20 November -
21 November
Regenerating Sydney Why Now? Regenerating Sydney, Why Now? Arup and University of Technology, Sydney 18 November Playhouse
STC Switzerland 1 Switzerland Sydney Theatre Company 3 November -
20 December
Drama Theatre
SSO Tales of the Unexpected Tales of the Unexpected Sydney Symphony 29 November Utzon Room
Teaching Aboriginal Perspectives Teaching Aboriginal Perspectives Sydney Opera House 5 April -
21 November
Utzon Room
SOH Tour2 570x320 The Bennelong Walk Guided Tour 22 November -
23 November
Various Venues
ACO 2015 - The Four Seasons New Image The Four Seasons Australian Chamber Orchestra 15 February -
17 February
Concert Hall
Babies Proms - The Little Drummer Boy THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY - BABIES PROMS #4 Sydney Opera House 29 November -
21 December
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