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Event Presenter Date Venue
Elefant Traks Red Bull Music Academy presents Elefant Traks Feat. Joyride / Jayteehazard / DJ MK-1 / Adit / Dggz & More Sydney Opera House 31 May Studio
B-Girl Hero Image 570 x 320 B-Girl Sydney Opera House 3 June -
21 June
FCX - 10 Years of Future Classic FCX – 10 years of Future Classic featuring Flume, Flight Facilities, Seekae, George Maple & more Sydney Opera House 29 May -
30 May
Northern Broadwalk
Dress Up Attack! Dress Up Attack! For Children & Grown Ups Sydney Opera House 31 May Joan Sutherland Theatre
Melbourne Ska Orchestra Melbourne Ska Orchestra Sydney Opera House 30 May Joan Sutherland Theatre
MMDG New Hero Mark Morris Dance Group Sydney Opera House 3 June -
6 June
Joan Sutherland Theatre
The Drones - Vivid LIVE The Drones Sydney Opera House 24 May Joan Sutherland Theatre
TAB 2015 - Dancers' Class On Stage New Dancers' Class On Stage The Australian Ballet 7 April -
16 November
Joan Sutherland Theatre
TAB 2015 - McAllister in Conversation New McAllister in Conversation The Australian Ballet 4 April -
28 November
Joan Sutherland Theatre
The Preatures The Preatures Sydney Opera House 27 May Joan Sutherland Theatre
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