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Event Presenter Date Venue
SSO 2015 - The Godfather New Image The Godfather Live: Film in concert Sydney Symphony 29 January -
31 January
Concert Hall
Bill Burr Image BILL BURR
Adrian Bohm Presents 1 February Concert Hall
Korean Tour image 6 The Sydney Opera House Tour - Korean Sydney Opera House 1 April -
31 March
Concert Hall
Fat_Freddy's_Drop Fat Freddy's Drop - Music at the House Sydney Opera House by arrangement with Niche Productions 26 January Concert Hall
AUGIE MARCH Augie March - Music at the House Sydney Opera House 25 January Concert Hall
The Artist Live In Concert The Artist Sydney Festival and Sydney Opera House 23 January -
24 January
Concert Hall
SSO Greatest Hits From Vienna 1 Greatest Hits from Vienna Sydney Symphony 4 February Concert Hall
ACO 2015 - The Four Seasons 2 Dec The Four Seasons Australian Chamber Orchestra 15 February -
17 February
Concert Hall
Little Dragon Little Dragon – Music at the House Sydney Opera House 5 February Concert Hall
Lykke_L Lykke Li – Music at the House Sydney Opera House and FBi Radio 2 February Concert Hall
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