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04 September 2014– 05 September 2014

Venue: Studio
Presented by: Sydney Opera House

Years: 3-10
Subjects: English, HSIE, Creative Arts , Photographic & Digital Media, Drama, English

To enquire about this event please call our friendly education team on 02 9250 7770 or make a ticket request



In 2014, Little Big Shots celebrates ten years of fantastic, fun-filled cinema for kids!

Being ten means that you have an awful lot of experience, and this year's festival is no exception, offering the best local and international children's shorts, animation, documentaries and - amazingly - child-produced films.

With a range of programs on offer for different age groups, Little Big Shots is inspiring and meaningful, stimulating discussions around cultural diversity, language, emotional intelligence and human values. Better still, the films make kids laugh, whoop, think and create. 



Each performance time presents a package of several short films designed for specific age groups.


Wednesday 3 September


Years 3-6

Tykes to Ten


Short films for 4 to 10 year olds, including The Collector’s Gift (USA), Wildebeest (UK), Lego Adventure 3: Attack of the Giant Pig! (Australia), Oasis (Singapore), Mr Riddim (Belgium) and Cootie Contagion (USA). Full package details



Years 3-6

Forever Young


Short films for 5 to 15 year olds, highlights include: Estefan (USA), What a Debacle, Freddy Farkle (Australia),The Pirates of Rabbit Doll Island (UK), and Room on the Broom (UK). Full package details


Thursday 4 September


Years 3-6



Short films for 8 to12 year olds, highlights include: Innertommy (Malaysia), The Gallant Captain (Australia), Exam Jitters (USA) and Sumo Roll (USA). Full package details



Years 3-6

The Next Big Thing


Short films for 8 to 15 year olds, highlights include: Head On (Israel), Emmeline (UK), Bird Food (Ireland), and Love in the Time of Advertising (USA). Full package details


Friday 5 September


Years 7-10

Big Kids Flicks

Classification: Some mature themes

Short films for 11 to 15 year olds, including Recently in the Woods (Germany), A Shadow of Blue (France/Spain), Flamingo (Venezuela), and The Centipede and the Toad (France) Full package details



Years 7-10

LBS Up Late

Classification: Unclassified 15+

Classification: Unclassified 15+ (Some mature themes, children under 15 years require adult supervision) 

Short films for 13 years and up, highlights include: Rabbit and Deer (Hungary), The Amber Amulet (Australia), Sleepwalker (Australia) and A Little Suicide (Germany). Full package details


Pricing Information

One free Teacher is permitted per 20 Students.  Additional Teachers are charged at Student price.

Students 1 Session $12
Students 2 Sessions $11
Additional Teacher 1 Session $12
Additional Teacher 2 Sessions $11
Pricing Information Explained

Pricing Information Explained

School Groups:  Please contact the School Group Booking line on +61 2 9250 7770 or make a ticket request. For information on planning your visit go to School Excursions.

Performance Dates

PRIMARY (Years 3 to 6)          Wednesday 3 & Thursday 4 September, 11am & 12:45pm
SECONDARY (Years 7 to 10)     Friday 5 September, 11am & 12:45pm
Running Time: 70 Minutes including Q&A

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