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26 July 2014 – 23 August 2014

Venue: Drama Theatre  View Seat Map
Presented by: Bell Shakespeare

Bell Shakespeare’s Co-Artistic Director Peter Evans takes on Justin Fleming’s sparkling Australian translation of Molière’s Tartuffe. A night of entertaining, devilish fun.


Bell Shakespeare presents

Tartuffe is not your run of the mill, garden-variety con artist; he's a slimy hypocrite of the highest order. Your wallet, your wife, even your daughter: nothing and no one is safe from the prying eyes and wandering hands of this scammer.

By the time he's reached middle age, Orgon is the toast of Sydney's high society. He has a lucrative career, a plush home and a trophy wife - but he feels spiritually bankrupt. Religious guru Tartuffe appears to have the solution, and he moves into Orgon's home to offer salvation. The trouble is, Orgon's family don't want to be saved by Tartuffe; they can see he is a hypocrite and a fraud. He also proves to be a wily adversary, adept at getting out of the tightest of corners. Tartuffe exploits Orgon's blind faith, deceiving his host into betrothing him to his daughter, before making a play for his wealth and his wife. The family decide that desperate times call for desperate measures and hatch an audacious plot to expose Tartuffe. But time is running out and the arch manipulator has even more dirty tricks up his sleeve...

With Justin Fleming's devilishly fun Australian rendering,
Tartuffe, directed by Bell Shakespeare's Co-Artistic Director Peter Evans, is filled with seduction, cynicism and deception.

As you'll quickly discover, with
Tartuffe under your roof the seven deadly sins are left for, well, dead, leading to a riotous night at the theatre for all.

Artist Information

By Molière
A new version by Justin Fleming
Director Peter Evans
Designer Anna Cordingley
Design Associate Kate Aubrey
Lighting Designer Paul Jackson
Composer Kelly Ryall
Movement Director Scott Witt
Assistant Director Susanna Dowling

Helen Dallimore, Leon Ford, Charlie Garber, Jennifer Hagan, Geraldine Hakewill, Tom Hobbs, Robert Jago, Kate Mulvany, Sean O'Shea, Russell Smith & Scott Witt 

Pricing Information

Prices correct at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Exact prices will be displayed with seat selection.

Preview $45
Standard $75 - $79
Concession* $65 - $72
Senior $68 - $75
Group 8+** $65 - $72
Under 30*** $35 - $48
Booking fee applies per transaction

$8.50 - Contact Centre
$8.50 - Internet
$5.00 - Box Office Counter

Pricing Information Explained

Pricing Information Explained

For events which offer concession pricing, if you purchase concession tickets, please ensure you have your Proof of Concession with you when you attend an event.

*Concessions applies to any mean tested Australian pensions (Aged Disability, Veterans' Affairs, Health Care, Job Search, Supporting Parent), Full-Time Students and MEAA members.
**Group bookings available for 8 or more. See below for details.
***Under 30 prices are available to those turning 30 in 2014 or under. Strictly limited, also limited to 4 tickets per transaction.


Ticket Booking Enquiries: For all general booking enquiries please email the Contact Centre or call on +61 2 9250 7777 for more information.

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Performance Dates

The following performances are Previews

Saturday 26 July 7.30pm
Sunday 27 July 7.30pm
Tuesday 29 July 7.30pm  

Running Time:

Act 1:             1hr 20mins
Interval:          20mins
Act 2:             55mins


'truly impressive'  ★★★★- The Guardian

'Flawless delivery'  ★★★★ - Sydney Morning Herald

'...a rollicking, extremely fun production... all the cast are terrific. Too much fun.'   ★★★★  - Sunday Telegraph

'The performances are all first class - masterclasses in comedic timing and using nuance to score the biggest laughs.' ★★★★ - Daily Review

'immensely fun and frothy'★★★★  - TimeOut Sydney

'beguiling performances'★★★★  - ArtsHub

'hilariously dazzling... dazzlingly hilarious'   ★★★★  - The Brag

'magnificent'  - The Australian

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