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Timo-Veikko Valve (Cello) Neal Peres Da Costa (Harpsichord)

01 June 2014

Venue: Utzon Room
Presented by: Sydney Opera House

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Brilliant Bach from two of Sydney's best and brightest musicians



Timo-Veikko Valve - 'Tipi' to his friends - and Neal Peres
Da Costa weave together the intricate and intimate sounds of the Bach family in the ideal context - a winter afternoon in a beautiful room.


Timo-Veikko Valve - 'Tipi' to his friends - and Neal Peres
Da Costa weave together the intricate and intimate sounds of  the Bach family in the ideal context - a winter afternoon in  a beautiful room.

Tipi is a familiar sight leading the cello section of the 
dynamic ACO, and as a frequent soloist, but he finds time to   make chamber music with colleagues around the world. For this special Utzon Music Series concert he will be playing his 5-string cello - an instrument built by the Amati Brothers ca. 1600. Neal Peres Da Costa is also one of the hardest working musicians  in Sydney - your go-to when you need superb harpsichord,  fortepiano and organ playing. His Bach Sonatas album  with Richard Tognetti won an ARIA award. Tipi and Neal  are the perfect pair to showcase some of JS Bach's most  expressive chamber music - the elegant cello and harpsichord  sonatas - and dramatic works for solo instruments, balancing  introversion with brilliance.  


Johann Sebastian Bach:
Sonata BWV 1027 in G major

Allegro ma non tanto
Allegro moderato

Partita BWV1013 in A minor

Bourrée Anglaise

Sonata BWV 1029 in G minor


Sonata BWV 1028 in D Major


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Artist Information

From Yarmila (Utzon Music Series Curator)

It is always a great pleasure to find brilliant musicians living
 amongst us mortals here in Sydney! Two of those are Tipi, whose bass lines have graced the ACO's concerts for years, and Neal, whose leadership has shaped so many of yours and my favourite early music concerts in recent years. This unlikely pairing is actually a match made in heaven; two sensitive and quietly intellectual musicians interpreting the composer that no concert series is complete without - Bach.

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Performance Dates

Running Time: 75 minutes, no interval


  1. Sun 01 Jun 14 3:00pm - Limited Availability


 "His technical command of a magnificent Guarneri instrument allowed a wider range of dynamics, enabling him to unlock more imaginative possibilities from the notes on the page."  Limelight Magazine

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