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Win a Real Opera House Tile

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Win a Real Opera House Tile

Congratulations to Housemates below who have won a real Sydney Opera House roof tile.

Week 1: 13th December 2013
Brad Cherrie
Dianne Tyson
Florence Das
Lynne Cattell
Pauline Cusack

Week 2: 20th December 2013
Annette Kimberley
Craig Gilliver
Denise Jones
Scott Dennis
Xin Guan

Week 3: 27th December 2013
Emma Johnson
Kimberley Marsden
Jodie McInness
Melanie Hallett
Michael Allen

Week 4: 3rd January 2014
Jessica Chau
Julie Cardno
Paul Melohn
Renn She Ip
Richard Agostino

Week 5: 10th January 2014
Caroline Williams
Jeanette Mo
Lucy Courteney
Peorie Armstrong
Shane Grimes

Week 5: 17th January 2014
Aryn De Long
Gemma Ashton
Karen Powell
Kristan Casuscelli
Joe-Ann Churton

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