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Summer Specials with Mastercard®

Use your Mastercard at Sydney Opera House this summer and you’ll enjoy perks and prizes galore.

For 100 days – from 1 December to 10 March – if you use your Mastercard to purchase tours or tickets you will be automatically entered into a daily draw to win a $100 Sydney Opera House gift voucher*.

To enter the competition, participants must pay with their Mastercard when purchasing Sydney Opera House Tours or Tickets during the Term.  Purchases can be made online from website or app, over the phone or in person.  An entrant’s full details including name, address, phone number and email address must be given at the time of making the purchase. The lucky winner will be notified within two days and listed on this page.

And that’s not all – use your Mastercard and you’ll enjoy a number of additional gifts to sweeten your visit to the Opera House this summer.

  • Purchase a Kids Pack during Spot and enjoy a free tea or coffee. Head to the Central Bar in the Western Foyers to redeem this offer. 
  • Spend $24 or more at the Lounge or Concert Hall Southern Foyer bars during Cirque Stratosphere (December and January season), or Operation Ouch and get a complimentary box of Maltesers.
  • Pre-book your parking at Wilson Car Park using your Mastercard and enjoy a 20% saving using promotional code MC100 **
  • Spend $40 or more on your Mastercard at the SIX Bar and get a complimentary charcuterie or cheese box.

Look out for signage where offers apply***.

Enjoy your Summer at Sydney Opera House, thanks to Major Partner Mastercard. 

*See website for full terms and conditions.
**Offer applicable to all online booking products at, applicable to Sydney Opera House car park only. Book A Bay terms and conditions apply. 
***Offers available at participating operators during listed performances only and are subject to availability.


1st December 2019 - Beth Alkhair
2nd December 2019 - Chaw Htay
3rd December 2019 - Richard Morris
4th December 2019 - Helen Kowalski
5th December 2019 - Heather Kjoller
6th December 2019 - Marjorie St John
7th December 2019 - Erin Kelly
8th December 2019 - Larraine Linkins
9th December 2019 - Alice Edmunds
10th December 2019 - Kristina Fenwick
11th December 2019 - Sara Lewis
12th December 2019 - Sonja Kritzler
13th December 2019 - Christine Moffat
14th December 2019 - Joseph Catanzariti
15th December 2019 - Norma Cadwallader
16th December 2019 - Janet Gray
17th December 2019 - Meg Garrido
18th December 2019 - Karen-Anne Wong
19th December 2019 - Gersha Shteyman
20th December 2019 - Peter Molnar
21st December 2019 - Kate Stenhouse
22nd December 2019 - Ian Kavanagh
23rd December 2019 - Colleen Wilson
24th December 2019 - Giulia Mardaga
25th December 2019 - Gregory See
26th December 2019 - Alistair McKirdy
27th December 2019 - Samantha Lang
28th December 2019 - Maire Grimes
29th December 2019 - Daniel Gooden
30th December 2019 - Claire Bunting
31st December 2019 - Rosemary Palmer
1st January 2020 - Sonia Scott
2nd January 2020 - Robyn Mitchinson
3rd January 2020 - Christina Mikhael
4th January 2020 - Emma Campbell
5th January 2020 - William Warner
6th January 2020 - Helen Gall
7th January 2020 - Paul Kennedy
8th January 2020 - 
9th January 2020 - Kathy Glass
10th January 2020 - 
11th January 2020 - 
12th January 2020 - Jonathan Poon
13th January 2020 - Jude Irwin
14th January 2020 - Jennifer Gilliot 
15th January 2020 - Vicki Hayes
16th January 2020 - Daryl Willis
17th January 2020 - Bjoern Kitzing
18th January 2020 - 
19th January 2020 - 
20th January 2020 - Anne Skippington
21st January 2020 - Priya Roy