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Summer at the House
Summer at the House | 244 category views  |  11 videos
Summer in Sydney is a special time of year. Unlike our compatriots in the northern hemisphere, summer here coincides with Christmas, New Year and the long school holidays. The steamy, languid days and long, warm nights of summer bring Sydney-siders out of their homes and onto the streets. It's the time of year when we love going out, sampling the huge range of activities our great city has on offer.

Summer at the House is a vibrant and exhilarating range of shows that mirror the brightness and excitement of the season. Whether it's circus or dance, rock music or the classics, serious or not so serious theatre, there's definitely something for everyone.

Summer at the House

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Kids at the House: The Cat in the Hat
11/1/2013  |  4:40
Sydney Opera House Summer Playground
11/1/2013  |  1:43
Sydney Opera House: Blaze - Interview with Producer Eric Holman
10/1/2013  |  3:50
Sydney Opera House: My First Time - Interview
8/1/2013  |  6:01
Kids at the House: ImaginOcean - Performance and interview
4/1/2013  |  4:51
Sydney Opera House: The Illusionists
20/1/2012  |  4:24
Sydney Opera House: Circa - interview with Yaron Lifschitz
11/1/2012  |  5:52
Sydney Opera House: Le Grand Cirque Adrenaline
17/1/2011  |  1:40
Sydney Opera House: Architects Of Air - The Luminarium
11/1/2011  |  5:52
Sydney Opera House: Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure announcement
14/9/2010  |  0:56
Sydney Opera House: Circa - meet Yaron Lifschitz
8/6/2010  |  2:23

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