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Event Presenter Date Venue
Summer Playground 2017-1a Summer Playground Sydney Opera House 6 January -
29 January
Western Broadwalk
Essential Tour 2 The Sydney Opera House Tour - Mandarin Sydney Opera House 1 April -
31 March
Various Venues
SummerPlayground2017_credit_DanielBoud_053_2340x932_700x394 Creative Play Sydney Opera House 4 January -
24 January
Various Venues
Yann Tiersen An Evening With Yann Tiersen solo in concert Sydney Opera House and Sydney Festival 24 January Concert Hall
Sydney Festival 2017 - The Encounter New image The Encounter Sydney Opera House and Sydney Festival 18 January -
28 January
Drama Theatre
Group Bookings Searchable Image Group Bookings 1 January -
31 December
Various Venues
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