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Musical theatre

Transforming the Tudors

In 2016, two Cambridge students, Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow, exploded onto the musical theatre scene with what they thought was just a little show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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Bringing the senses to life

“Collaborating with the ACO, I was aiming to create that encounter with beauty which is the true purpose of art.” Photographer Bill Henson on Luminous, the Australian Chamber Orchestra's new show.

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Essential podcast episodes for Antidote

Our picks of the finest podcast episodes made by or featuring this year's Antidote line up of audio all stars.


Trance and the tombak

Tessellating rhythms, uptempo beats and elaborate melodies. Mohammad Reza Mortazavi’s musical dynamism easily tricks audiences into thinking he has not two but six hands.

Op ed

Becoming the ‘poster girl’ for press freedom

Annika Smethurst published an article. 400 days later, the Federal Police were on her doorstep.


Cheat Sheet: Denise Ho

Five songs that turned the Cantopop icon from pop singer to protestor.


Essential reading guide for Antidote

Brush up on your current affairs with our Antidote reading list.


Cheat Sheet: DeRay Mckesson

Beyoncé follows 10 people on Twitter. Mariah Carey, Usher, Solange, and DeRay.

More stories from behind the curtain

Discover more from the people, shows and stories that bring the Opera House to life in the Backstage archive.