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Audio & visual

An interactive guide to Dance Rites

Learn the language of Australia's First Nations in our audio & visual guide to the annual song and dance competition.

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Live set

Watch The Cure's full live set

Almost three hours of Disintegration (and the hits) on their fifth and final night at Vivid LIVE

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Tognetti & Greenwood talk Indies & Idols

Two musicians are “bringing a generation of contemporary composers together with their influences”.


Herbie Hancock plays jazz for a more peaceful world

How one mistake with Miles Davis became a lesson for life.


Jóhann's sci-fi opus

A few months before he died, Jóhann Jóhannsson talked about the extraordinary creation of his directorial debut, Last and First Men.

More stories from behind the curtain

Discover more from the people, shows and stories that bring the Opera House to life in the Backstage archive.