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Love Letter to Hofesh Shecter

Sydney Dance Company's Davide Di Giovanni writes of his admiration for Israeli choreographer, dancer and composer Hofesh Shechter, whose latest work Grand Finale plays the Sydney Opera House this year.

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The Concert Hall stage lit with bright light and balloons at The Flaming Lips concert


Work begins to transform Concert Hall for a new era

Better sound, better access and more ambitious performances to be enabled by $150 million upgrade.

Book covers for some of the speakers from All About Women festival


Summer reading list for All About Women

The Opera House's staff picks for what to read up on before the festival this March.

Two six stars

Musical Theatre

Rosie Waterland's Six Things To Love About SIX

Beyoncé meets The Tudors in SIX, the musical embodiment of 'yaasss queen'. 

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