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Discover the people, shows and stories that bring the Opera House to life.

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Florence + the Machine on the Forecourt, 2015

The Forecourt: Art with a view

A visual history of Sydney's grandest outdoor stage

From Lorde to Janet Jackson, Nelson Mandela to Spencer Tunick, Oprah and Hugh Jackman to Björk, Crowded House and Florence + the Machine. Here are some of the Sydney Opera House's greatest moments on the Forecourt.
How the 'ambient jazz' masters got inside our heads at Vivid LIVE
Award-winning fashion designer Dion Lee will create a new collection of uniforms for Opera House staff.
Geena Davis 1x1
Talks & Ideas

Geena Davis

Why Hollywood fails girls

The celebrated actor has become a 'numbers geek' to change how women are depicted on film and TV.

Reinventing radio: Radiolab's Jad Abumrad

“The brain space to compose music is very similar to the brain space to compose ideas.”

Why did being one of the only Lebanese kids in Tennessee set Jad Abumrad onto the path of revolutionising radio with Radiolab?
Its a Long Story

It's A Long Story

A podcast about the moments that made the people who shape our culture.

What makes someone succeed in changing the culture? Hamish Macdonald talks to Alicia Garza, Lionel Shriver and others about the moments that made them who they today.
Hot Brown Honey 2x1

Smashing walls and smashing fun: Hot Brown Honey

"Humour is a huge part of our language."

Award-winning and label defying, the Honeys mix theatrical spectacle with social activism.

Renewal: Improving the acoustics in the Concert Hall

Work is underway to make the Opera House sound as good as it looks. Meet the acousticians solving a 40 year-old problem.

Work is underway to make the Opera House sound as good as it looks. Meet the acousticians solving a 40 year-old problem.
Audio Creatures

Live Stream: Lighting the Sails

On May 26, from 5:45pm to 8pm AEST, we live streamed Audio Creatures: Lighting the Sails at Vivid LIVE 2017. Directed by Ash Bolland. Music by Amon Tobin. Visual content / animation by Spinifex & Luxx.

Watch the live stream of Audio Creatures: Lighting the Sails at Vivid LIVE 2017 from 5:45pm AEST on 26 May.

Seeing Music: Leif Podhajsky

Inside the London studio of an artist whose clients include Tame Impala, Bonobo and Vivid LIVE.

Byron-born, London-based Podhajsky has designed cover art for Tame Impala, Bonobo and Kelis. He explains his creative process with SOH's Claudio Santoro.
Beth Orton 1x1

In Conversation with Beth Orton

The first to spin gold by blending folk and electronica. We went Backstage with this year's final Vivid LIVE act.

A poet’s feel for lyrics, an actress’ instinct for delivery – and that voice. In conversation with the rapturous Beth Orton.

The Avalanches and DJ Shadow: Sampling through time and space

The story of how music became an instrument

There are many more layers to a track by The Avalanches and DJ Shadow than meets the ear.

Ten albums that defined Repressed Records

The most memorable records from the Newtown vinyl institution.

The most memorable records from the Newtown vinyl institution.
Goodgod Soft Future Piano Bar

A Soft Future is a bright one

In conversation with the Goodgod creative masterminds behind our Soft Future Piano Bar pop-up

Soft Future Piano Bar is a zero-waste purple paradise in our Concert Hall Northern Foyer. We spoke to Goodgod creative masterminds Hana Shimada and Jimmy Sing about how the bar differs from others in Sydney.

In conversation with Nobuyuki Tsujii

What if you had performed in the Opera House, but never seen it?

Blind since birth, Tsujii was 10 years old when he declared to himself he would become a concert pianist.
ACO's Artistic Director Richard Tognetti takes us behind the scenes of Mountain, a collaboration with filmmaker Jennifer Peedom.
One of the world’s great performance venues, the Joan Sutherland Theatre is being renewed for the next generation of artists and audiences.
All you need to know for a fun night of operetta.