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Andrew Thomas Huang decorates the Opera House with floral symbols of Indigenous Australia

When filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang creates new work, he reflects a bright, fractured dreamscape that entices us to reflect on our own world. Huang discusses his connection to nature, using art as a lens to uphold pre-colonial life, and navigate cultural institutions as an artist of colour.

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Restoring the Coburn Tapestries

“He was a very gentle man. He just took it on the nose, really. The most important thing to him was that the curtains were made.”


Yotam Ottolenghi on It's A Long Story

He’s a TV host, he’s one of the world’s most famous gay dads, and he’s one of the loveliest people you’re likely to meet.


How do you teach creativity?

Beloved picture book There's A Sea In My Bedroom comes to life with new music from the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

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