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WATCH: An extended interview with the legendary Andrew Weatherall

In 2017, the Opera House's Head of Contemporary Music Ben Marshall sat down with the British DJ behind Primal Scream. Now, Ben reflects on the death of the man who changed dance music.

Andrew Weatherall’s importance as an artist extends far beyond his well-documented production for others and his own seismic work. As this interview demonstrates, he was also an incredibly articulate man who had done the hard thinking to come up with a rigorous and coherent philosophy on art, craft and following your own truly creative path. In this extended interview cut from Weatherall’s 2017 Sydney Opera House performance, he covered an amazingly erudite amount of ground and proved yet again why he remains an inspirational example of an artist profoundly true to his own singular voice.

Bringing him to Australia for his first tour here in 2008 remains a career highlight for me and I think often of the handful of conversations we had over the years so am especially grateful this one was recorded. As he described his career in his own words, “I got to the top of the hill and I thought the valley’s quite interesting, I’ll go back and live there out the way where no-one can disturb me”. Rest in peace Andrew Weatherall and thanks for everything.

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