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The nightclub is Andrew Weatherall's temple

Ben Marshall interviews the British DJ behind Primal Scream

Jacob Burkett

Ahead of Weatherall’s sold out five hour DJ takeover at the Sydney Opera House Ben Marshall talked to the producer about his love for music and songwriting sparks.

As calm and collected as you could ever be, Andrew Weatherall told us about his gig-day routine as we readied our cameras for his chat with the Head of Contemporary Music—and longtime fan—Ben Marshall. “I’ll consider making last minute changes,” said Weatherall, “but it’s all a pattern for me at this stage, I can’t wait really.”

A life-long Londoner who produced Primal Scream’s classic Screamadelica and breakthrough remixes for Underworld, New Order, My Bloody Valentine and the Happy Mondays, there’s not much Weatherall hasn’t done—but this year he played his Opera House debut. A sold out debut at that.

The location doesn’t get much more spectacular, but when the lights are off and the room is filled with haze, it’s all the same to the best-dressed club auteur in the world. “Although it’s a monumental building, it’s nice to be in the bowels,” he jokes. “It’s where I operate best.”

Watch the chat between Marshall and Weatherall where they touch on his latest record Qualia, the similarities between music and religion, and what makes style different to fashion.

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