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Watch: What do young Australians care about?

To celebrate our season of Trapper, we asked a few Australians what issues they're willing to fight for. Lizzie and Zarah, who appear in the video above, told us a bit about what matters to them.

Tell us what you're fighting for.
I help people affected by homelessness by donating money, food, and bedding as well as clothes. I listen to them and talk to them. I have worked with Shining Stars to sort through clothing and other things to give to them. 

What makes you interested in this?
I am passionate about helping the homeless because my mum was in a refuge as a young person, and had nowhere to go. I see so many homeless on the streets of Sydney, and know that they all have a story. So many young people are sleeping on people's couches so that makes them homeless too! 

What made you want to get involved?
I got started because my godfather is Rev Bill Crews of the Exodus Foundation. He taught me a lot about kindness, love and giving. Mum's friends run Shining Stars and Turning Point, local organisations that help the homeless and people in need.

My wish would be that everyone has a home and people to love and that love them. 

Trapper. Photo: Ken Leanfore
Trapper. Photo: Ken Leanfore
Trapper. Photo: Ken Leanfore
Trapper. Photo: Ken Leanfore

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