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It's A Long Story
It's A Long Story is the podcast from Sydney Opera House exploring the stories behind some of our most influential and acclaimed guests. Listen here.
This Kid Life: a Podcast for Kids
What do kids think about the environment, school or social media? This Kid Life is a podcast where kids get to talk about topics they aren’t often asked about.
Deadly Voices from the House
A podcast that takes intimate interviews with First Nations artists and leaders to the world. Hosted by Rhoda Roberts AO.
#24 - Izzi Manfredi (The Preatures)
"It's more about people need—we need myth, we need some higher connection, and music is essentially how we would pass down story."
#25 - Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich (Camp Cope)
Camp Cope's bassist on doing it DIY and making live music a safer space.
Deng Thiak Adut
From child soldier to criminal lawyer, Deng Thiak Adut recounts his early years in Sudan and the challenges of building a new life in Australia.
Brian Reed
"It wasn't a cold relationship but I don't think it was a friendship."
Geena Davis
The celebrated actor has become a 'numbers geek' to change how women are depicted on film and TV.
#23 - Nai Palm
The Hiatus Kaiyote frontwoman has been flying solo. In spite of a turbulent childhood, she took solace in nature, in animals and in music, growing into the independent spirit and curious soul.
Amani Al-Khatahtbeh - It's A Long Story podcast
Growing up in New Jersey, the Muslim Girl founder was a pretty normal kid. Then 9/11 happened and life changed forever.
Henry Rollins
When Henry Rollins was in 10th grade he punched a 12th grader in the jaw so hard that one of the other kid’s teeth tore through his cheek. The moment proved seminal in his long and varied career.