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Listen to It's a Long Story - Podcast

Hear the stories behind the big ideas of some of Sydney Opera House's most influential and acclaimed guests. Listen here.

This Kid Life: a Podcast for Kids

What do kids think about the environment, school or social media? This Kid Life is a podcast where kids get to talk about topics they aren’t often asked about.

Listen to Deadly Voices from the House - Podcast

A podcast that takes intimate interviews with First Nations artists and leaders to the world. Hosted by Rhoda Roberts AO.

Nai Palm

The Hiatus Kaiyote frontwoman has been flying solo. In spite of a turbulent childhood, she took solace in nature, in animals and in music, growing into the independent spirit and curious soul.

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh - It's A Long Story podcast

Growing up in New Jersey, the Muslim Girl founder was a pretty normal kid. Then 9/11 happened and life changed forever.

Izzi Manfredi (The Preatures)

"It's more about people need—we need myth, we need some higher connection, and music is essentially how we would pass down story."

Kirstie Parker & De Greer-Yindimicarlie | Partners - Deadly Voices from the House

Henry Rollins

When Henry Rollins was in 10th grade he punched a 12th grader in the jaw so hard that one of the other kid’s teeth tore through his cheek. The moment proved seminal in his long and varied career.

Eve Ensler - It's A Long Story podcast

"My name is Eve Ensler. And what did I want to be as a child? I wanted to be useful."

Yeonmi Park - It's A Long Story podcast

Born in North Korea in 1993, Yeonmi Park grew up in a society devoted to 'Dear Leader' Kim Jong-Il.