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Is yours being put to good use?

Watch our film in collaboration with Australian Ethical for Antidote — our new festival

Ellie McRea
Creative Producer - Partnerships

I’ve always believed that small things can make a big difference, but often it’s hard to see the collective sums of all my efforts when confronted with the state of the world right now.

I like to think I do my bit when it comes to looking after the planet - I give to charity when I can, I avoid plastic bags at the supermarket, I even use a keep cup for my coffee! Of course, if I had more time and money I’d like to think I could do more, but most of the time I can’t help but feel powerless. What else can I personally do to help when at times it can feel hard enough to keep myself above water?

I had never really thought about my superannuation money being used as a force for good. I’d never even considered whether it could be invested in the things that I really believe in such as fighting climate change, education, or animal welfare. I’d also never considered whether it was invested in things that I don’t believe in. I’d just never given it much thought.

Antidote festival’s Event Partner, Australian Ethical, wants to change that. Through this short film, Australian Ethical hopes to inspire people to take a moment to consider where their super is currently being invested and make more informed decisions about their money, and whether it is being put to good use.  

Ellie McRea is Creative Producer of Partnerships and produced this video with Common Ventures for Antidote 2017. This video was made possible by Australian Ethical, Event Partner of Antidote festival at the Sydney Opera House. 


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