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Children's Republic Blog

What rules would kids make if they ruled the world?

"Anything is Possible!" "No Cruelty!" "More Crazy Dancing!" "Work Together!" "Plant More Trees!"

Over 4 days in April 2017 we invited kids to make, draw and sew flags for a Children's Republic.  On their flags and a big blackboard set up inside the Studio Theatre, they wrote their own rules for a kid micro nation.  There were funny, and silly, and smart, and serious, and seriously amazing ideas. 

Here we document those ideas and the four days of fun and creativity which finished with a large parade around Sydney Opera House.  As the parade came to a close on the monumental steps at the front of Sydney Opera House, children presented The Hon Scott Farlow MCL with a kids constitution, outling their ideas for a different world.  A world run by kids.  



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Children's Republic Radio

This Kid Life host Jennifer Macey held a series of mind-expanding podcasting workshops during the recent Children's Republic at Sydney Opera House. Kids interviewed other each about what a world run by kids would be like.  Their diverse and wonderful ideas include "unlimited burgers",  "saving the environment" and "painting the Opera House rainbow coloured". Listen to kids tell us their thoughts in the bite sized episodes below. 

Episodes edited and produced by Jennifer Macey.  

This Kid Life: a Podcast for Kids
What do kids think about the environment, school or social media? This Kid Life is a podcast where kids get to talk about topics they aren’t often asked about.

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