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Lighting the Sails: Audio Creatures

Live streamed on 26 May

For the ninth year running, the Sydney Opera House sails have become an artist's canvas at Vivid LIVE.  Lighting the Sails: Audio Creatures is the masterwork of Sydney creative Ash Bolland and has been scored by Brazilian electronic musician and composer Amon Tobin. Together the pair have reimagined sea creatures and extraordinary plantlife in an intersection of organic and mechanistic worlds.

Bolland tells Backstage: “I just hope that people find it entertaining and they see some cool shapes and buzz out on it and enjoy it... I think it’s about showing that people can express themselves on buildings and architecture and be super creative, and hopefully it makes them look at it and think; ‘I can be super creative in my life as well.’”

Lighting the Sails: Audio Creatures at Sydney Opera House from 6pm to 11pm, 26 May to 17 as part of Vivid LIVE. Directed by Ash Bolland. Music by Amon Tobin. Visual content / animation by Spinifex & Luxx.

Ash Bolland, the creator of Lighting the Sails 2017 for Vivid

Sydney creative Ash Bolland set to give life to a modern 'Micrographia' at this years Lighting of the Sails

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