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Interviews & behind the scenes stories

Meet the artists, directors, costume designers & stagehands. Discover how the shows were made. Brush up on your famous faces.


Vietnam’s villages bloom into a city in À Ố Làng Phố

Tuan Le's new circus challenges how we see Asia.

Get to know

Ghenoa Gela's powerful, political dance

The Torres Strait Mainlander breaks the stereotypes of dance.


An artist's brush with death

The Director co-stars Lara Thoms and Scott Turnbull met at a ‘funeral party’. Turns out they were a match made in heaven.

Live sets, debates & performances

Watch high quality full live shows broadcast live from our stages. Or, some more intimate performances off the stage. Relive talks (and debates) with the big thinkers, writers and visionaries of our time.

Resident Companies

Fake blood & famous faces

Go behind the scenes with our seven Resident Companies.

Bold ideas, talks & close conversations

Catch up on the big ideas from our stages with a podcast. Solo talks, panels, one-on-one chats and people you never thought you'd hear from.

Ideas at the House - All About Women

The future of feminism

Feminism is in a constant state of evolution - so, where will it go next?

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Ideas at the House - ANTIDOTE

Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates talked about his violent childhood in Baltimore.

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It's a Long Story

Kevin McCloud

Kevin had a childhood where everything was built from scratch, and his home was more like a workshop.

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