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Fake blood & famous faces

Behind the scenes with our Resident Companies

Sydney Opera House

On Saturday 30th March, we went live behind the scenes with all seven of our Resident Companies to see rehearsals take place, watch amazing stories unfold and even catch a famous face or two.

The Australian Ballet

The Australian Ballet are bringing their electric contemporary dance piece, Verve, to the Opera House this April. But what goes on behind the scenes to prepare dancers for the stage? Join us for a look into the company’s studio as they rehearse Tim Harbour’s Filigree and Shadow, part of Verve, and take a sneak peek at a special costume fitting for their upcoming season of Romantic classic Giselle.

Australian Chamber Orchestra

Did you know that the Australian Chamber Orchestra is home to Australia’s only two known Stradivarius violins? What makes these fascinating instruments so sought after, and their sound so special?

The Orchestra’s Principal Violin, Satu Vänskä, and violinist, Glenn Christensen, joined us earlier this week to discuss these famous violins, and gave us an intimate demonstration of their incredible sound.

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Each of Bangarra Dance Theatre's performances tell a story of land and culture through movement and dance. Watch as we go LIVE with Bangarra’s choreographer Frances Rings and dancers as they rehearse Unaipon and tell us about how the concept came to be.

Bell Shakespeare

How does a Bell Shakespeare performer capture the gravitas of Titus Andronicus, or the gentle spirit of Hero from Much Ado About Nothing? Enter Jess Chambers, Bell Shakespeare’s Voice and Text Coach, who helps actors to prepare their voices, allowing them to be heard and understood, and to create believable and engaging performances. In this live stream, Jess will share some tricks of the trade and will provide an insider’s glimpse into the creative process of preparing a characters voice.

Opera Australia

How do you make fake blood that looks believable on stage? What’s in a wig and why do performers wear them on stage? Join us as we go LIVE with some of the backstage team at Opera Australia, as they make blood for visceral opera scenes, show off the detailed costumes and care for opera singer’s wigs and stage makeup. And you thought opera was just for singers! Find out what goes on behind the scenes to make every performance special.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get a Sydney Symphony Orchestra concert on stage? Concertmaster Andrew Haveron and Elissa Seed, Production Coordinator with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra are taking us behind the scenes at the Opera House for an exclusive look at rehearsals ahead of a performance of Barry Douglas plays Brahms: With Sibelius Symphony No.7.

Sydney Theatre Company

Sydney Theatre Company has been a major force in Australian drama since its establishment in 1978, producing diverse theatre of the highest standard that consistently illuminates, entertains and challenges. But how does a performance go from a concept on a page to a fully formed production? 

STC’s Artistic Director Kip Williams, legendary actor Hugo Weaving and Associate Director Paige Rattray are joining us live to dissect what happens behind the scenes to prepare a production for the stage.

Stories from behind the curtain

Go Backstage and discover more from the people, shows and stories that bring the Opera House to life.

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