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colourful language, tim sharp, digital creative learning, sydney opera house
'Colourful Language' by Tim Sharp

School kids come to the Opera House without leaving the classroom

The Digital Creative Learning program streams author talks around regional Australia and the world

Shelley Watters

Watch the live stream on Facebook
at 6.00pm AEDT, Tuesday 2 April 2019

Download the Tim Sharp fact sheet

We haven’t mastered teleportation or holograms, yet. But the Sydney Opera House’s free digital creative learning program connects children from across Australia, in their classrooms, with artists.

Live and interactive digital experiences are available every term throughout the school year and are free for all Australian schools.

On April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, Brisbane’s internationally acclaimed artist and author Tim Sharp will host two live talks. Tim has autism and has won fans from all around the world with his unique sense of humor and happy and very original art.

Learn about Digital Creative Learning with the Opera House team

digital creative learning, tim sharp, sydney opera house
'I Love A Sunburnt Country' by Tim Sharp

What else can you learn in the digital classroom?

School students can take a peek into the Sydney Opera House’s Places & Spaces. Or, get a deeper understanding about the Aboriginal Perspectives of Bennelong Point, in the Guwanyi Walama tour.

The land on which the Sydney Opera House stands was known to its traditional custodians, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, as Tubowgule, meaning "where the knowledge waters meet."

digital tour, guwanyi walama, first nations, sydney opera house
Leon leading the Guwanyi Walama digital tour. Image: Zan Wimberley

Students can learn how to tell their story

Staging Stories is a fun and interactive English and Drama workshop led by a professional storyteller where students develop their speaking, listening and storytelling skills. Students learn how to structure and stage stories.

Live-streamed performances are available for rural and remote NSW and interstate schools. Schools connect through video conferencing and other digital platforms. Terms and conditions apply.

digital creative learning, tim sharp, sydney opera house
'Iron Man' by Tim Sharp

About Tim

Laser Beak Man is the colourful superhero created by Australian artist Tim Sharp  who has autism and has won fans from all around the world with his unique sense  of humour and happy and very original art.

Tim was diagnosed with Autism when he was three years old. Such were Tim’s enormous difficulties that the doctor’s advice was “that the best thing to do was  put him away and forget about him”. Rejecting the prognosis, intensive therapy began immediately and bravely Tim tried to overcome what was so terrifying  and difficult for him.

Drawing was used as a way of helping Tim to communicate and Tim did learn to speak . At age 11 Tim invented Laser Beak Man who allows Tim to show the world his great sense of humour and intelligence as well as his original  way of looking at life.

A message from Tim

"Hello Everybody.

I love drawing Laser Beak Man it makes me happy. I was born to do this. I love having exhibitions when I get to meet lots of people and make new friends.  It is a dream come true that Laser Beak Man is on TV and has his own animated series. I love being an artist and I get to travel a lot. I have been  to New York, London, Sydney, Melbourne,  Los Angeles, Chicago, Memphis and Nashville Tennessee.  I get to  make a lot of friends from all around the world.

I got to do a TEDxSydney Talk at the Sydney Opera House and that is one of  the best things I have ever done. I loved it! Especially when all the people stood  up and cheered for me. In 2015 went to New York City to work on the Theatre Production of Laser Beak Man with Dead Puppet Society at the New Victory Theatre on 42nd Street!

I love making art, doing speaking engagements, making friends and making  people happy. I have a wonderful life."

Stories from behind the curtain

Go Backstage and discover more from the people, shows and stories that bring the Opera House to life.

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