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Ideas at the House

Live talks from the world’s greatest minds and culture creators

Catch up on events from recent festivals or dive into our rich archive of talks, hosted by Edwina Throsby, Head of Talks & Ideas.

Our latest: Chelsea Manning and journalist Peter Greste on the leak that changed the world; Ta-Nehisi Coates and Richard Fidler on race, identity, and finding fatherhood; and Ronan Farrow on the Weinstein era and how journalists find the truth.

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Latest episodes

The future of feminism | All About Women 2019

19 April 2019

Feminism is in a constant state of evolution - so, where will it go next? Hear from some of the world's most dynamic young activists and thinkers about what to expect in 2019 and beyond. Featuring Tunisian activist Aya Chebbi, British cultural commentator Ayishat Akanbi, Indigenous artist and activist Aretha Brown with Saturday Paper editor Maddison Connaughton, this panel considers where feminism might head next.

What is toxic masculinity? | All About Women 2019

12 April 2019

Boys are often expected to conform to a culture that regards violence, dominance and emotional repression as masculine. So how are gender roles enforced, and how are sweet little boys socialised into men who do harm?

This episode is a live recording of the event Man Up, from All About Women 2019, featuring TV host Osher Günsberg, writer Clementine Ford, and filmmaker Vonne Patiag joined Edwina Throsby in a discussion about how we can all work to dismantle sexism.

The Waves Live at Sydney Opera House | All About Women 2019

5 April 2019

This episode is a live recording of Slate’s podcast The Waves, from All About Women 2019. Hosts Christina Cauterucci, June Thomas and Noreen Malone are joined by playwright and actor Nakkiah Lui to talk about everything from where modern romcoms go wrong, to the problems with Australian politics.

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