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Catch up on events from recent festivals or dive into our rich archive of talks, hosted by Edwina Throsby, Head of Talks & Ideas.

Our latest: Chelsea Manning and journalist Peter Greste on the leak that changed the world; Ta-Nehisi Coates and Richard Fidler on race, identity, and finding fatherhood; and Ronan Farrow on the Weinstein era and how journalists find the truth.

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Latest episodes

Subverting surveillance with Joshua Lyons

28 September 2018

Joshua Lyons at ANTIDOTE 2018. Image: Prudence Upton

Assessing what has really happened in a conflict was once close to impossible, but Human Rights Watch’s Joshua Lyons is using technology in new ways, to reveal the truth in war. Gathering and analysing video imagery from satellites, drones and even social media, he is able to sort truth from propaganda and his work helps expose human rights abuses, and bring perpetrators to justice.

At ANTIDOTE 2018 he gave an insight into the methodology of Human Rights Watch (HRW) investigations. Listen back and see some of the images from his presentation.


Chelsea Manning wants to change the world

28 September 2018

Chelsea Manning live via satellite and Peter Greste at ANTIDOTE 2018. Image: Prudence Upton

Chelsea Manning is known internationally for leaking hundreds of thousands of top secret US military documents to Wikileaks in 2010. Her voice was an important addition to 2018 ANTIDOTE lineup of international changemakers and action-takers. But her path to the Sydney Opera House was not straightforward and she ended up appearing via satellite from Los Angeles.

Listen back to the event now exactly as it unfolded at the festival, which starts with an introduction by Edwina Throsby, Head of Talks & Ideas at Sydney Opera House. Chelsea was in conversation with journalist Peter Greste.

Ta-Nehisi Coates with Richard Fidler

21 September 2018

Ta-Nehisi Coates at ANTIDOTE 2018. Image: Prudence Upton

American writer and author Ta-Nehisi Coates is best known for the New York Times bestseller Between the World and Me which created a unique blend of reportage, historical analysis and personal narrative. As national correspondent for The Atlantic he has established himself as a major force in American intellectual life, and is one of the most influential essayist on race, culture and politics writing today. He also writes on the Marvel Comics Black Panther series, and scored a credit on the blockbuster movie.

At ANTIDOTE with the ABC’s Richard Fidler, Ta-Nehisi Coates talked about his violent childhood in Baltimore, how becoming a father changed him, and how his work now might change how we all think about race.  

Ronan Farrow on finding the truth

14 September 2018

Ronan Farrow at ANTIDOTE 2018. Image: Prudence Upton

Kicking off the first podcast from ANTIDOTE 2018 is the recording of our opening night event, Finding the Truth with Ronan Farrow.

One of the most famous journalists in the world today, his work over the last 12 months for the New Yorker has been integral to the #metoo movement. As a result in part of his reporting multiple powerful men have been held to account, and millions of women have found a voice to call for a stop to sexual harassment and violence.

He has also written extensively about politics, his most recent book, The War on Peace, is a defence of international diplomacy.

The session was chaired by Guardian Australia editor Lenore Taylor.

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