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Ancient Chinese ghosts parade for climate change

Watch a short film about Jason Phu’s ‘Procession in the warming light, Procession in the rising darkness’, at ANTIDOTE.



Denise Ho on pop and politics in Hong Kong

A conversation at Antidote about how all activism — big or small — can have a big difference. Hosted by Zing Tsjeng.


Reporting the climate crisis and ethical journalism

How should journalists report on science and extreme weather? With experts Kyle Pope, Tim Flannery, Desi Anwar & Anna Rose. Hosted by Kerry O'Brien.


The case for hope with DeRay Mckesson

The civil rights activist and leading voice of Black Lives Matter on how we can keep believing in change in a world marked by racism and violence.

Behind the scenes


Silk scarves inspired by nature

SoulSilk is the latest participant for Uncovered, showcasing artistic excellence off-stage.

More stories from behind the curtain

Discover more from the people, shows and stories that bring the Opera House to life in the Backstage archive.