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film strip with three stills from autopsy on a dream

The story of the missing Attenborough Opera House film

A potty-mouth David Attenborough, an upstart Aussie filmmaker, and a controversial movie that wasn't supposed to see the light of day. This is the scandalous story of Autopsy on a Dream.

Illustration of Opera House shaped as a key. Moon and stars appear on black backdrop.

Online puzzle

Trials of Wisdom: A Virtual Escape Room

In this one-of-a-kind online escape room, you need four passwords to earn your freedom. Adventure through the House, solve a series of cryptic puzzles and attempt to #EscapeTheHouse.

Low angle photo of Sydney Opera House Grand Organ pipes


Preserving the Grand Organ

Each of the 10,244 pipes will be cleaned by hand – it’s a tricky job.

Montage of images from Sydney Opera House Google Arts and Culture


House of Wonder

In this time of virtual visits, Google Arts & Culture curator Sam Doust reveals his favourite stories from behind the curtain.

Picture of omlette on plate


Five Seasonal Recipes by Bill Granger

Move the slow cooker aside and make room for these deliciously fresh and light everyday meals. Bill Granger shares his favourite seasonal recipes as spring draws nearer.

Mad Max poster, protagonist holds phone next to rusty old car


5 post-apocalypse movies to watch after Fury Road

Has 'Mad Max: Creating the Apocalypse' whet your appetite for gas-guzzling pandemonium? Here's our binge-list for road warriors and wasteland wanderers.

Illustration of version of the Opera House


How MADE students are proposing to revitalise the Sydney Opera House

The Australian-Danish exchange program imagines what a future icon might look like.

Lin Manuel fronts cast of In the Heights on Broadway

Musical theatre

Lin Manuel Miranda is tipping the scales of Broadway and Hollywood

With Hamilton now available to stream, we look back at the moments that shaped this legendary composer, lyricist, actor and playwright.

Two theatre performers in face paint


Eternal history

Since its opening in 1973 the Opera House has carried a deeper legacy, one that embraces, challenges and celebrates Australian culture.

Talks & Ideas

Cheat sheet: DeRay Mckesson

Get to know the American civil rights activist, podcaster, and former educator, DeRay Mckesson.

Moana Maniapoto, Lisa Reihana and Nayuka Gorrie on a panel as part of Letters to Cook event


Where to start listening: Deadly Voices From the House

Favourites from conversations with leading voices in First Nations art.

Mark Olive's Braised Wallaby Shanks


Go native: Delicious Indigenous recipes for your next iso-dinner party

Discover dishes from Australia’s top First Nations chefs.

Posters from the Sydney Opera House


Opera House posters: hidden gems

For the first time, the Opera House opens its performance posters archives, revealing some hidden gems and forgotten moments.

Five vintage opera house posters lined up horizontally


Opera House posters: best of the decade, 1960s to now

Explore this sample of archived posters made between 1969 and 2015 at the Sydney Opera House.

From Our House to Yours

Bring our stages to your sofa with our new digital program delivered weekly from our House to yours.

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