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Sydney Opera House Digital

Musical theatre

Stage Direction: The Phantom of the Opera

Now a pop culture staple, Gaston Leroux's tale of the Phantom has taken countless forms over the years. Melanie Tait looks at the origins of the musical that took over the world.

Musical Theatre

It’s hip to be scared:
The terrifying timeliness of American Psycho

From shrink wrap to stage lights, one of the most controversial stories of the 20th century has proven to be a mainstay in popular culture.


Stage Direction: The Little Prince

In the first of our new series on page-to-stage adaptations, Neha Kale looks at how Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s poignant tale of a young prince lives on in the 21st century.

Children staring at balls of light

Kids & Families

The kids show making light of the big questions

By using light as an interactive storytelling tool, Zooom is rewriting the rule book when it comes to children's theatre.

Talks & Ideas

The education conversation Australia has to have

Finnish educator and author Pasi Sahlberg writes on the chasm of inequality that exists in our school system and the systemic issues holding Australian schools back.


Deborah Mailman on Rhoda Roberts' “remarkable” 16 years at the Opera House

Head of First Nations programming Rhoda Roberts has just finished her incredible stint at the Opera House. We spoke to actress and longtime friend Deborah Mailman about Robert's everlasting impact.

film strip with three stills from autopsy on a dream


The story of the missing Attenborough Opera House film

A potty-mouth David Attenborough, an upstart Aussie filmmaker, and a controversial movie that wasn't supposed to see the light of day. This is the scandalous story of Autopsy on a Dream.


Sydney Opera House to scale

Whether miniatures on a movie set or a global Minecraft mission, building the Opera House remains a feat of intricacy and ambition. This longform visual story looks at over 50 years of attempts.

Kids & Families

A decade of creativity: Giving children a voice

It started with just a trestle table and some colouring pages. A decade later, ‘Creative Play’ is a fully-fledged artistic program, involving over 20,000 children each year.


Dancing to de-feet Parkinson’s

There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to Parkinson’s disease. But recent research has found that dance can be an unexpected but crucial way to control symptoms and give strength to those living with the condition.

Illustration of Opera House shaped as a key. Moon and stars appear on black backdrop.

Online puzzle

Trials of Wisdom: A Virtual Escape Room

In this one-of-a-kind online escape room, you need four passwords to earn your freedom. Adventure through the House, solve a series of cryptic puzzles and attempt to #EscapeTheHouse.

Mary Hoang pictured standing in an alleyway, black and white

Talks - All About Women

Music as medicine

As we endure a period of collective anxiety and trauma, psychologist Mary Hoang has teamed up with a composer to unpack the therapeutic benefits of music.


Local artists illustrate your Opera House memories

We asked five local artists to bring your most cherished Opera House memories to life.

Gloomy octopus pictured underwater


An octopus’ garden underneath the Opera House

Discover the sea creatures that dwell beneath the harbour in our artificial reef along the Sydney Opera House sea wall.

Woman (ballet dancer) engulfed in sea of red stalls


Sydney Opera House at rest

This visual story from photographer Daniel Boud offers an eerie but hopeful look inside the sails of Opera House, where it's quiet for the first time in nearly 50 years.

Illustration of someone holding a Laura Bates cheat sheet in one hand and a pen in the other

Talks & Ideas - All About Women

Cheat Sheet: Laura Bates

Why you should know Laura Bates – a global authority on the burgeoning radicalist movements that are indoctrinating boys and men.

Illustration of someone holding a Koa Beck cheat sheet in one hand and a pen in the other

Talks & Ideas - All About Women

Cheat Sheet: Koa Beck

Why you should know Koa Beck – the former Editor in Chief of Jezebel who's trying to upend feminism's status quo.

Illustration of someone holding an Isabel Allende cheat sheet in one hand and a pen in the other

Talks & Ideas - All About Women

Cheat Sheet: Isabel Allende

Why you should know Isabel Allende – the “literary legend” whose books have defined a genre and a generation.

Low angle photo of Sydney Opera House Grand Organ pipes


Preserving the Grand Organ

Each of the 10,244 pipes will be cleaned by hand – it’s a tricky job.

Moana Maniapoto, Lisa Reihana and Nayuka Gorrie on a panel as part of Letters to Cook event


Where to start listening: Deadly Voices From the House

Favourites from conversations with leading voices in First Nations art.

Jefa Greenaway standing in a construction site, framed between timber poles

First Nations

Learning from Country: An Indigenous design perspective

After speaking as part of Antidote panel Resetting the World, Jefa Greenaway writes on why it's more critical than ever than we infuse Indigenous perspectives into our everyday design thinking.

When I Was Little

Illustration shows three circles, one has a photo of Graham Hosking as he currently looks, another shows him as a young boy


When I Was Little: Graham Hosking

By day, he investigates insurance claims; by night, he is the genius creator of Sidney Opera Mouse – the little mouse with big dreams. We spoke to English author Graham Hosking about what his big dreams were when he was little.


When I Was Little: Teeny Tiny Stevies

They may be Teeny Tiny but they’ve made a great big mark on the children’s entertainment world. We spoke to the talented sisters about what it’s like to live your childhood dreams.

The Listies young and old in illustrated bubbles


When I Was Little: The Listies

Australia's favourite kidult comedy duo The Listies are introducing Shakespeare to kids with turbo-charged story-telling and silliness!

Side-by-side pictures of Tim McGarry young and old


When I Was Little: Tim McGarry

There's a Sea in My Bedroom director Tim McGarry shares his childhood dreams in our new series chatting with theatre-makers and creatives who bring magic to our stages, and wonder to our little ones.

Side-by-side young and old Lucky Lartey

Kids & Families

When I Was Little: Lucky Lartey

In this edition of When I Was Little, we speak to dance artist Lucky Lartey, star of Infusion, No Movement, No Sound, whose work draws from a rich Ghanan upbringing full of rhythm and dance.

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