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Vale MAX: 6 of the best Opera House music video cameos

From centre stage to blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos, we’ve been popping up in music videos since before we were born.

Timothy Snape
Head of Digital Marketing

Welcome to Opera House: Unexpected, where we look at lesser known chapters from a 47-year career in the pop culture spotlight. For our third instalment, we pay an homage to our friends over at MAX and Channel [V] by digging through 50 years of music video appearances.

1. The Seekers – ‘Some Day One Day’ (1967)

A full six years before we opened our doors, perennial Australian folk quartet The Seekers chose the building site of the Opera House as the location for their ‘Some Day One Day’ music video. That same year The Seekers were named Australian(s) of the Year – the only group in history bestowed with the honour.

2. David Bowie – ‘Let’s Dance’ (1983)

What greater a tribute to the beauty of our harbour than David Bowie’s sentient head floating above our crystal waters. A little known fact about Bowie was his antipodean obsession. He spent much of the ‘80s living in Sydney and no doubt marvelled often at our architectural wonder.

3. Cold Chisel – ‘Saturday Night’ (1984)

Like for so many others travelling over the bridge after a long Saturday night, we make a hazy, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in this superlative pub rock ode to red lights, dark nights and the glistening lustre of Sydney’s now fading neon-lit wonderland, Kings Cross.

4. Phil Collins – ‘Take Me Home’ (1985)

The Genesis drummer and iconic building enthusiast features the Opera House in a global montage of famous locations, dangling his feet in the questionably clean waters of 1980s Sydney Harbour.

5. Kylie Minogue – ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ (1987)

As ‘Sydney’ a music video as you’ll ever find. Our Kylie features in this karaoke-esque, Top of the Pops piece as she dangerously circumnavigates Sydney, sans seatbelt, in a convertible. Hopefully it wasn’t a double demerits weekend.

6. Flume - Some Minds (2015)

And now for something more recent. In 2015 we handed over the keys to Aussie dance music export Flume after his critically acclaimed homecoming performance at Vivid LIVE. Things got weird. After floating through rehearsal spaces and the Utzon Room, Flume goes full Stretch Armstrong in the Concert Hall, elongating himself in every way imaginable (amid a dance choreographed by The Australian Ballet’s Callum Linnane).

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