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Utzon’s Universe

Learn how to make models inspired by Utzon’s own designs

For our 45th anniversary, we held a series of free workshops for kids, exploring the design principles of architect Jørn Utzon. Bring out your inner architect as you make mini models and daring constructions with the whole family!

Episode 5:
A platform with a roof

In this exercise you are going to work with a platform and shells, like Jørn Utzon did with the Sydney Opera House. First you have to build your own proposal for shells on a platform using building modules and the additive principle—and the building material is playing cards!

Episode 4:
A chair with form

Be inspired, like Utzon, by the gentle and organic forms of nature in designing a chair. Find a flower and examine its forms.

Utzon's Universe Episode 4: A chair with form

Episode 3:
A soft cave

Explore curves, caves and columns with a few simple materials, just like the proposal for the Jørn's proposal for the Silkeborg Museum.

Episode 2:
A house in a tree

When Jørn Utzon built Can Lis, the Spanish resort for he and his wife on the island of Mallorca, it fit perfectly nestled away on the cliff. Learn to build a treehouse and consider its space and surroundings in the same way Utzon did.

Episode 1:
A figure of yourself

Size and scale were essential to Jørn Utzon's design of the Opera House, especially the iconic sails. Grab a photo of yourself and make a mini version of you.