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The most-streamed podcasts from the Sydney Opera House in 2019

Masculinity, #MeToo and Kevin McCloud. These are the Opera House podcast episodes that you were mad for in 2019.

8. The problem with wokeness

Full talk, All About Women 2019

Identity, which is at the heart of wokeness, is often regarded as the most fundamental thing we have. But clinging too hard to your identity can lead to an emphasis on what makes us different, rather than what we all might have in common. 

Stylist and cultural commentator Ayishat Akanbi considers the radical power of kindness. She discusses the limits of identity, the gendered nature of image, and how to transcend the superficial to form meaningful connections.

Hosted by Jan Fran, presenter and broadcaster.

7. Yotam Ottolenghi: Keep cooking simple

It's a Long Story

Born in Jerusalem, Yotam was set to pursue an academic career after completing a master’s degree in comparative literature. However at age 30 he decided to move to London to become a chef, and his future was rewritten. His London restaurants have become cult destinations, his cookbooks are on everyone’s shelves, he’s a TV host, he’s one of the world’s most famous gay dads, and he’s one of the loveliest people you’re likely to meet.

6. #MeToo, Year Two

Full talk, All About Women 2019

More than a year in, #metoo has held some powerful men to account. But has it gone far enough, and what are the next steps? 

Explore how to movement must evolve to represent women worldwide in this live recording from All About Women 2019.

- Tina Tchen, former Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama
- Emily Steel, New York Times journalist 
- Sohaila Abdulali, author of What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape
- Hosted by Lenore Taylor, Guardian Australia

5. What is toxic masculinity?

Live recording, All About Women 2019

Boys are often expected to conform to a culture that regards violence, dominance and emotional repression as masculine. So how are gender roles enforced, and how are sweet little boys socialised into men who do harm? 

- Osher Günsberg, host of The Bachelor
- Clementine Ford, writer
- Vonne Patiag, writer
- Hosted by Edwina Throsby

4. Ladies, We Need to Talk

Live recording, All About Women 2018

This talk tackles taboo yet essential topics for the thinking woman. In this live recording from All About Women last year, Yumi Styles leads a discussion on the orgasm gaps that asks: Why is there a gender gap when it comes to pleasure? And, how can we have more?

- Dr. Melissa Kang aka ‘Dolly Doctor’
- Nakkiah Lui, playwright
- Tanya Koens,  sexologist 
- Hosted by Yumi Stynes, author

3. Kevin McCloud: The importance of architecture

It's a Long Story

Kevin McCloud had a childhood where everything was built from scratch, and his home was more like a workshop. So it’s no surprise that the built world eventually became the focus of his life and work. Yet in his earlier years Kevin wore many different hats, from working in an Italian vineyard, studying music, designing sets for the Cambridge theatre troupe the Footlights, owning a lighting design shop and designing the famous ceiling of the Harrods Food Hall in London.

Hear from the host of cult classic Grand Designs on It's a Long Story.

2. The wonders of jellyfish with Lisa-Ann Gershwin

Ideas at the House

Who would’ve thought jellyfish could be so fascinating?

No one gets excited about them quite like Dr. Lisa-Ann Gershwin. Get to know these magical creatures and what they reveal about the future of our oceans in this live recording from ANTIDOTE 2018. Hosted by ABC Radio National’s Natasha Mitchell.

1. Dating: a survival guide

Live recording, All About Women 2019

More of us are swiping left than ever before. But from unsolicited pictures to breadcrumbing, it’s a jungle out there. What does it mean to date in our age today?

- Alexandra Tweten, creator of @byefelipe Instagram account
- Sami Lukis, TV presenter & host of Romantically Charged podcast
- FlexMami, DJ & podcaster
- Myffy Rigby, journalist

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