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Hints and tips for the Opera House’s virtual Escape Rooms

Even the greatest Escape Artists need the occasional hint. Here are some hot tips for completing the two Opera House Escape Rooms.

Escape Room #1:
The Trials of Wisdom

In our first online Escape Room, you find yourself in a mysterious room with just a piano and an old-timey telephone. The phone rings, and on the other end, a husky voice asks you for a password... The key to this room is to always keep in mind the hidden items, you never know when they'll be useful, and to think laterally: prompts like numbers and ‘parts’ usually have something to do with the structure of words.

Escape Room #2:
The Disappearing Act

Things take a turn in our latest Escape Room. This time you must discover passwords to progress, one step at a time, all the while searching for your friend Maria and untangling a magicians conspiracy. Take note of the items you collect along the way, have a good look at each magician's poster, and pay close attention to the voice recordings.

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