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Hints and tips for the Opera House’s virtual Escape Rooms

Even the greatest Escape Artists need the occasional hint. Here are some hot tips for completing the two Opera House Escape Rooms.

Escape Room #1:
The Trials of Wisdom

In our first online Escape Room, you find yourself in a mysterious room with just a piano and an old-timey telephone. The phone rings, and on the other end, a husky voice asks you for a password... The key to this room is to always keep in mind the hidden items, you never know when they'll be useful, and to think laterally: prompts like numbers and ‘parts’ usually have something to do with the structure of words.

Room A - Orchestra pit

Pay close attention to the instruments that the man on the recording device mentions.

Secondly, when reading the notes on the instruments, try subbing out the word 'part' for 'letter' – it might help you make sense of this challenge.

Room B - Props room

All the animals found in this room match up to one of the paint colours in the workshop area. E.g. the pink giraffe matches the Baby Pink paint.

Then check out the clue in the costume department, it'll give you an idea of which animals to pay particular attention to.

Room C - Costume department

This requires the clue found in the Orchestra Pit. You first need to identify the costumes belonging to Magic Flute characters. The music in the Orchestra Pit is labelled with character names – what are they?.

The Queen’s music also says 26=Z, 25=Y, etc. and that you should start simple and get more elaborate. This refers to the costumes and their sizes.

Room D - Theatre

This requires the clue found in the piano room, in the benefactor’s letter. Several words are misspelled, with letters being doubled. What happens when you piece those letters together?

In the theatre, dancers are exercising in front of a big sign saying “THE BORDER”. The ballet positions they take are clues as to where to look. They start in Fourth Position – what does that mean in relation to that sign? 

The order

Now you have all the words, but you must put them in order. This is where the piano from way back at the start comes in. What keys work? What keys don't? This may well be crucial information.

Escape Room #2:
The Disappearing Act

Things take a turn in our latest Escape Room. This time you must discover passwords to progress, one step at a time, all the while searching for your friend Maria and untangling a magicians conspiracy. Take note of the items you collect along the way, have a good look at each magician's poster, and pay close attention to the voice recordings.

Password #1

‘Rearrange the green’ is the key here. Try separating all the shades of green. Then pay attention to the dashes under ‘Enter password’ – that’ll tell you how long each word is and the order.

Password #2

Gregor’s riddle is important for this one: “21 black figures across a white ground…beside it, another, exactly the same”. What could that be referring to? If in doubt, look to Viola’s poster for inspiration.

Password #3

Viola says that dice ‘add’ well to playing cards. Take that literally. And don't get too caught up with the stuffed animals, they might just be there to throw you off the scent...

Password #4

There are two ways in here. Firstly, what’s on Elisio’s poster? Secondly, what does the riddle say? ‘Unwanted growth on a face, hand or toe. The sound one makes when one does not know. Remove from the middle what a pirate may crow’ - sound like you need to add two words together, and remove a ‘pirate noise’ from the middle. Hmm…

Password #5

The instructions on the back of the playing card are key here. Try and narrow down what the words in each column have in common.

As an extra tip: each sentence in the note starts with an important letter – what are they? This might help you work out what to focus on.

Password #6

Use the rings you’ve found!

Password #7

Each colour pairs with a sound that matches a button, right? But in what order do you click each button? If only you’d found an item that gave you a sequence of colours…

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