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New to Stream this June

Featuring sky-high music videos, ground-breaking performances and much more. Check out this month's new selection of originals and exclusives on our streaming platform.

Luke Goodsell

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Our new platform Stream delivers another diverse range of new programmes this month, with a series of performances that take you from the prehistoric era to Australia’s turbulent past and into the possible future – starring a menagerie of fantastic dinosaurs, multi-disciplinary art star Eugene Choi, and hip-hop hero Ziggy Ramo astride the iconic sails of the Sydney Opera House itself. 

Ziggy Ramo – Little Things

What to expect?
See a powerful new performance take shape atop a Sydney icon

Imagine seeing Australia from a radical new perspective – and from the dizzying pinnacle of one of its most famous pieces of Western architecture. That was the spark behind rising hip-hop star Ziggy Ramo’s new video Little Things, a collaboration with the Sydney Opera House that sees the rapper astride the building’s iconic sails, reckoning with the nation’s colonial past to imagine an alternative future.

After a powerful performance of his debut album, Black Thoughts, during the Opera House’s 2020 Digital Season, Ramo began thinking “less about playing an iconic stage and more what I was able to do on it”. Reworking Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly’s 1991 protest song, ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’, Ramo brings his signature rhymes to the tale of stolen land, while Kelly’s distinctive voice becomes a mantra summoning country to regenerate among the debris of colonialism.

You can also catch a specially commissioned Making of Little Things, which goes behind the scenes of the breathtaking, panoramic clip, and inside the song’s recording, which, as Ramo says, was “kinda like Paul and I were meeting 30 years ago, but also today”.

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Erth’s Prehistoric World

What to expect?
Get up close and personal with some amazing prehistoric creatures

Travel back even further in time with Erth’s Prehistoric World, a showcase for the amazing puppetry that brings the planet’s ancient creatures back to life and into your living rooms – like that T.Rex that stomped through suburbia in The Lost World, only friendlier and a little less destructive. See the world through the eyes of prehistoric giants, discover long-gone bio-luminescent beings and marine reptiles, and walk among some of coolest dinosaurs ever to roam the Earth. A full length performance, recorded at Sydney Opera House in April, it’s sure to thrill and enlighten audiences of all ages.

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House Play

What to expect
Discover how to create and stage a play in your very own home

Once the kids are done wrecking the house with their newfound dinosaur moves, light up their creative side with House Play, a new six-episode series that takes them through the process of conceiving, writing and staging their very own theatre production.

Join budding theatre kids Anthony and Ivy as they team up with Sydney Opera House creative experts to take kids on a journey from idea to stage – covering scriptwriting, acting, directing, producing, and stage, lighting and sound design – and watch as their play takes shape right before their eyes.

Who knows, you may have the next Sydney Opera House theatre star living among you!

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Shortwave: Eugene Choi

What to expect
Experience the young Australian artists at the vanguard of digital performance

Shortwave is an exciting new series of digital commissions by the Sydney Opera House, designed to platform a diverse cross-section of emerging and early-career interdisciplinary Australia artists whose work sits at the vanguard of digital performance.

For the first instalment in June, Sydney-born performance-based artist Eugene Choi – from Vivid LIVE’s dazzling musical tribute to Wong Kar-wai, In the Mood – presents A burning house, a new work that continues their exploration of the physicality in constructing internal and external structures. 

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The Sunnyboys – Live + Documentary

What to expect?
Thrill to one of Australia’s legendary post punk bands – and experience their inspiring road to reunion

If you’re looking for a dose of live rock ‘n’ roll, you’d be hard pressed to beat this performance from legendary Sydney post punk group The Sunnyboys – recorded live at the Sydney Opera House in December 2020, as the band made a triumphant return to the stage to celebrate their 40th year. Also available to watch is The Sunnyboy, an inspiring documentary that follows the band’s enigmatic lead singer, Jeremy Oxley, as he emerges from his three-decade battle with schizophrenia.

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Also new to Stream...

Recorded live in the Joan Sutherland Theatre, as part of the Sydney Opera House’s From Our House To Yours Digital Season, these new shows highlight dynamic performances of two rising acts. Filipino and Aboriginal rapper, drummer and speaker Dobby combines his cultural stories and experiences with impressive vocal, keyboard and drum skills for a contagious live show, while husband-and-wife duo Bow & Arrow bring their energetic electro-soul to a vibrant performance.

You can also go backstage with a massive line-up of artists at the Opera House, Take a five-part tour of the iconic architecture and see performances from acts including José González, Moses Sumney, Kelsey Lu and The National as part of Nooks & Crannies; catch Mohammad Reza Mortazavi in profile; or sit in on conversations with RZA and Briggs, Andrew Weatherall, and the Dirty Three.

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